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Event to feature re-enactment of famous Betty Zane run

August 30, 2012
By KIM LOCCISANO - For The Ticket , Times Leader

Fort Henry Days 2012 will focus on a battle that happened 230 years ago, and came to be known as The Final Battle of the American Revolution.

It included the heroic "Run for the Powder" by Betty Zane. Since that time, historians have consistently described her actions on that September day as having provided the push that turned what was a dangerously declining situation into one which saw the fort and its defenders still standing strong at the end of the nearly three-day long siege.

If viewing the popular reenactment segments is not exactly your cup of tea, know that you can look forward to browsing and shopping among the many vendors helping comprise the encampment.

Living history activities and programs will be presented throughout the course of the weekend.

All of it is made available to the public free of charge.

Among the re-enactor community which always stands strongly behind this effort, there is an increasing number of local and regional participants, and an increased participation by several generations of a single family.

Music of the era, pastime activities, clothing, some weaponry, and even speciality items available to purchase for use as easily by a person who considers themselves simply a fan of history, as by a serious re-enactor or period artisan.

In talking with re-enactors at the event, evidence of a personal or family connection to one or another of the historic factions who had roles to shoulder often lie at the surface just waiting to be discovered, enjoyed and shared with others.

Such is the case with Native American re-enactor Bo Jacobs of Yorkville who is able to trace back his Native American bloodline connection at least five generations. His role as a re-enactor has, in recent years, brought him a good amount of personal acclaim among family and friends old and new.

He has begun finding himself in demand at powwows, and gatherings up and down the North and South East regions of our country. When not taking part in the reenactments as a warrior, he is often called on to step in as head (Native American) dancer. He has also been cast in several documentaries, in which he has portrayed Europeans, and at other times, as a Native American.

Yorkville resident Giovanna Loccisano began taking part in these annual living history traditions nearly 10 years ago. She was delighted to have been asked to appear as Betty Zane in the local reenactment this year.

Loccisano is able to trace her family tree back to England, Holland, the Colonies and elsewhere in the country's frontier region over the course of more than 13 generations. Several of her ancestors were known to have fought in skirmishes and battles which helped forge the nation, before, during and after the American Revolutionary War.



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