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September 20, 2012
Times Leader

Favorite Food? Pizza

Favorite Class? Mrs. Mentzer's English class

Twitter or Facebook, and why? Facebook, I haven't bought into the whole Twitter thing yet. Worst habit? Probably biting my nails.

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Favorite Quote(s)? "So, we know what it takes to get off the canvas and dust yourself off and get going again, regardless of anything that comes about. We know how to stay focused on the goal."- Brian Dawkins

What is your cell phone ring tone? Vibrate.

How many texts do you send/receive per month? A lot.

What is your favorite hobby in your spare time? Beating our lineman, especially Wyatt Back, in Madden.

Favorite memory in your sport, and why? Throwing my hands in the air to Steubenville Central's sideline after coming back and winning in the last seconds of the game.

What's something no one would believe about you? I believe I can fly.

Favorite Athlete, and why? Michael Vick. I've admired him ever since I was little.

Best advice you've ever received? I've been given a lot of advice, I just take it in from everyone, and try to make the best of it.

Who do you admire most, and why? My stepdad. As an athlete and a person I've seen him evolve so much and overcome a lot.

What's your favorite part of your sport? Sacrificing my body for my team and playing as hard as I can.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Somewhere successful.

CREDENTIALS: This Big Reds' junior was an impact player in the win against Buckeye Local. He was in on 11 tackles and had three stops for loss.



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