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‘Buyers Beware’

October 18, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

Would it not be considered prudent and politically astute for supporters of our domestic coal industry to be skeptical regarding the level of genuine pre-coal sentiment Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, may in actually have as the candidate had, previously stated that "neither could or would he support the use of coal in power plants and he could not support a process that kills people?"

As Romney currently speaks in favor of the domestic coal industry, should we not be curious as to what led to this epiphany, and is this now what he truly believes, or if his new found support is not simply one resulting from political expediency?

Review Romney's record as Governor of Massachusetts, and it is obvious that many of the initiatives he then championed, he now vehemently opposes.

Actually is it even known for what Romney stands, other than being ego-driven to be President of the United States?

In reviewing the Romney record in his previous position as Chief Executive Governor of Massachusetts, where his state declined, as a result of his leadership in job creation from 34th to 47th nationally, leaving his state with the largest per capita debt in the nation at that time. How is it felt that his experience would translate to any level of success on the national scale?

Perhaps that is why Romney was only a one term governor.

With such a record, should it not be of grave concern that such most probably would also be the case should he be elected to the highest office in the land?

Conversely, President Obama has led the nation to 32 months (and counting) of private sector job growth and our nation's rate of unemployment has declined to 7.9 percent, all in spite of unprecedented Republican obstructionism, after inheriting an economy from Republic George W. Bush, which was losing over 750,000 jobs per month, leaving us well on our way to a second "Great Depression" which thankfully, due in large part to President Obama's effort has been averted.

In spite of this, Republicans state no American President has previously been re-elected to a second term with unemployment near its present rate.

However, Republican Ronald Reagan in 1984 was re-elected by a "landslide" winning, a 525 to 13 Electoral College victory over Walter Mondale, when our nation's rate of unemployment was then 7.8 percent, with Reagan increasing the number of "government jobs" to its highest level to that point, whereas over 675,000 such jobs have been eliminated by the Republicans under President Obama.

If these public sector jobs had been retained, as they were increased under Reagan, our nation's unemployment rate would now be under seven percent.

The difference is that Democrats were willing to work with Reagan and the Republicans to help alleviate our nation's financial woes in the 1980s.

Currently, there has been no such cooperation from Congressional Republicans, who shamelessly have placed politics as a higher priority than the economic well-being of our great nation.

Thank you.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry



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