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Charlie Wilson

October 20, 2012
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

I would like for you to know how you and Barack Hussei Obama have affected my wife and myself with OBAMACARE.

We are both retired after working for years at what we thought to be middle class jobs. She for 28 years with a fortune 500 company and me for 32 years at Ormet.

When my wife retired, her company said "See Ya!" No benefits. She did have an IRA. My company enrolled both of us in a H.M.O. through a VEBA set up by my employer.

The cost of the H.M.O. to us in 2010 was zero. Nothing. As the time came to set a rate for 2011, the H.M.O. knew OBAMACARE was going to cost them something. So before that sickening display that we got to see live on television that included open bribery to get the votes for passage, they had to set a price for 2011.

For the year 2011, we had to each pay $75. a month. Since then the price has come down to $45 each per month. That comes to a total of $2,880. for the two years. For a retired couple on a fixed income that is a lot of money.

All middle income retirees with insurance to supplement Medicare have been hurt already. The ones that will come out ahead under OBAMACARE are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of welfare recipients.

I think that now most retirees who worked their entire lives would trade Medicare for Medicade.

Good - bye CHARLIE!

Rudy Mokros

Belmont County



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