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Taste Buds: Taste of Elm Grove, Part 1

November 1, 2012

Nothing makes food taste better than when you're eating it for a good cause. Except for maybe butter.

The Buds recently had the pleasure of attending the annual "A Taste of Elm Grove" event that not only highlights the delicious foods of local businesses but serves as a fundraiser to provide $1000 college scholarships to local students. A resounding win for all involved!

Last year's event - also attended by the Buds - was held at the Elm Grove Civics and was such a success that they moved the venue to the much roomier Osiris Shrine at Monument Place. Sponsored by the Elm Grove Business Association, the fun-filled event included food sampling of entrees, side dishes, appetizers and desserts as well as music and a silent auction. The Buds even noticed a photo booth on the premises which appeared to be a big hit. However, being that we were there strictly for business *wink wink* we chose to refrain.

Article Photos

The Taste Buds recently attended A Taste of Elm Grove, held at Monument Place, where vendors gathered to offer samples of their favorite dishes. Pictured are citrus and red pepper shrimp and risotto prepared by Ye Olde Alpha.

The twelve vendors at the event were Domino's Pizza, Quakersteak & Lube, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Ruttenbucks, Oliver's Pies, Hall of Fame Cafe, the Elm Terrace Deli, River City, Marian's Place, Ye Olde Alpha and Figaretti's. With such an exciting line-up, the Buds couldn't wait to get started!

The Hall of Fame Cafe showed up with a wide variety of soups including chicken and rice, chicken vegetable, chicken noodle, tomato basil and loaded baked potato. They also served up chicken and ham salad sandwiches and a peanut butter cake. Passionate lovers of soup, the Buds were happy to sample the chicken and rice soup as well as the tomato basil. Hot and full of flavor, the soup didn't disappoint.

Bud Em also selected one of the mini chicken salad sandwiches. It was awesome! Flavored with what appeared to be dried cranberries and nuts, Bud Em was still thinking about it the next day. No lie. Bud Shaunna bit the bullet and gave in to the delectable peanut butter cake. Sheet cake-ish in texture and appearance, she declared it was worth every calorie.

Changing pace for a bit, the Buds stopped by to see the folks at Dairy Queen who brought along samples of their Orange Julius, strawberry and tripleberry smoothies. The frosty drink was cool and refreshing. Buds agreed it would be tasty treat anytime.

Next stop was the Elm Terrace Deli which left the Buds with a good impression at last year's event. Not to disappoint, they served pulled pork sliders and their crescent-rolled pepperoni rolls. The pulled pork was tender and lean with a sauce that had the perfect combination of sweet and smoky. Nom nom nom ... more please! As they remembered from before, the unique pep rolls were a delight.

Moving along, the Buds picked up some very tasty items from one of their favorite haunts: Ye Olde Alpha. Showing up with their A game they offered a selection of prime rib, citrus and red pepper shrimp, and a creamy risotto. *Sigh*

The tender prime rib tickled Shaunna's fancy while Em sought after the satueed shrimp and a scoop of the risotto. The prime rib was cooked perfectly and both shrimp varieties were bursting with flavor. The risotto was a rich little taste of heaven that went well with both entrees. Apparently we weren't the only ones to enjoy their spread as they left with best entree award.

Stay tuned for next week as the Buds continue with the second installment of Taste of Elm Grove.

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