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Day One Results from Barnesville Wrestling Tournament

December 15, 2012
Times Leader

43rd Doan Ford/Barnesville Invitational


Claymont 83; Caldwell 43; Martins Ferry 35; Sandy Valley 31.50; St. Clairsville 28; Morgan 26; Tuscarawas Valley 23.50; Bishop Hartley 23; Monroe Central 23; Barnesville 20; Meadowbrook 18; Union Local 18; Cincinnati Hills 16.50; River 15; Newcomerstown 11.50; Beallsville 9; Shenandoah 5; Conotton Valley 3.

Article Photos

Martins Ferry’s Bryce Coleman wrestles River’s Bailey Reusser during the first round of Friday’s Doan Ford Barnesville Wrestling Invitational.

103 - T. Warner (Clay) dec. Richardson (Mead) 2-1; T. Warner (Clay) pinned Vanderpool (SV), 0:14; Ruble (MC) dec. Keim (TV), 8-3; Zoumpolidis (MF) dec. Garrett (Mor), 8-3; Strain (UL) pinned Brown (Bealls), 3:10/

113 - DJ Warner (Clay) pinned Hill (BH), 3:04; DJ Warner (Clay) pinned Raines (Bealls) 2:29; Rayner (Cald) pinned Schultheis (Riv) 2:54; Carbenia (SV) pinned Stephens (Mead) :044; Carbenia (SV) dec. Timko (STC) 8-5; Richter (MC) pinned Wallace (Mor) 5:00.

120 - Newman (SV) tech fall Daugherty (Bealls) 17-2; Newman (SV) pinned Neavin (MF), 2:28; Alvarado (CH) pinned Howell (UL) 1:56; Alvarado (CH) tech fall over Peters (Clay) 2-0; Singleton (Barn) dec. Bartolo (STC), 6-1; Singleton (Barn) pinned Downs (Mor) 1:54; Patterson (Mead) pinned Little (New) 3:59.

126 - Matheny (Mor) dec. Hammer (Bpt) 4-1; Matheny (Mor) maj dec. Stewart (UL) 14-1; Hayhurst (New) dec. Stewart (Riv) 6-1; Hayhurst (New) tech fall over Jenkins (Mead) 16-1; Offenberger (SV) dec. Hupp (MC) 8-2; Offenberger (SV) maj dec. over Clark (Clay), 9-1; Howiler (Barn) pinned Goldsmith (TV) 4:45; Howlier (Barn) dec. Moran (BH), 6-0.

132 - Burcher (Clay) dec. Moore (Barn) 2-0; Burcher (Clay) pinned Stephens (STC), 0:28.; Sowers (UL) dec. Carothers (MC) 3-0; Sowers (UL) dec. Cassidy (SV) 12-10; Cummings (CH) dec. Tomsho (Shen) 5-0; Cummings (CH) dec. Rathburn (BH) 6-5; Outward (MF) dec. Clark (Mead) 7-3; Outward (MF) dec. West (Bealls), 8-3.

138 - Herron (Clay) pinned Stine (Mead) 59 secs; Herron (Clay) pinned Hughes (SV) 1:31; Griffin (Barn) dec. Mann (UL) 7-3; Griffin (Barn) pinned Russell (MF) 1:10; Keefe (BH) pinned Callarik (STC) 3:29; Keefe (BH) dec. Collins (TV) 4-3; Rayner (Cald) pinned Young (Riv) 29 secs; Rayner (Cald) pinned Llapply (Shen) 2:17.

145 - Avery (Clay) pinned Paynter (UL) 3:08; Avery (Clay) tech fall Jenkins (Mead) 22-4; Coleman (MF) pinned Reusser (Riv) 4:30; Coleman (MF) pinned Thompson (STC) 4:30; Driggs (Mor) pinned Starr (Barn) 51 secs; Driggs (Mor) maj dec Otto (Bealls) 11-3; Wallace (TV) pinned Kesling (SV) 1:51; Wallace (TV) tech fall Weaver (New) 16-0.

152 - Potts (MC) pinned LeMasters (UL) 45 secs; Potts (MC) pinned Kusic (Bpt) 2:20; Peters (Clay) pinned Edwards (Shen) 1;35; Peters (Clay) tech fall Kenndey (CH) 16-0; Sefert (Bealls) maj dec. Oliver (SV) 8-0; Sefert (Bealls) dec. Zang (BH) 7-6; Westfall (Mor) pinned Brinkman (TV) 1;53; Westfall (Mor) pinned Sapp (Riv) 2:24; Wise (MF) pinned Edwards (Shen) 3:27; Skaggs (STC) pinned Oliver (SV) 1:15.

160 - Nolte (STC) pinned Phillips (Bealls) 26 secs; Nolte (STC) pinned Ramage (Mead) 1:27; Peters (Clay) pinned McFarland (UL) 2:27; Peters (Clay) pinned Freeman (Shen) 45 secs.; Croswell (BH) pinned Romero (CH) 3:57; Croswell (BH) dec. Elifnitz (SV) 8-4; Van Meter (Cald) dec. Spencer (TV) 8-2); Van Meter (Cald) pinned Schnegg (Barn) 1;34; Mcfarland (UL) pinned Reusser (Riv) 54 secs..

170 - Rayner (Cald) pinned Block (MC) 35 secs.; Rayner (Cald) pinned Jula (BH) 47 secs; Tomolonis (Bpt) dec. Stoffer (SV) 15-11; Tomolonis (Bpt) pinned Wear (MF) 1;33; Rice-Spellman (TV) dec. Smith (Riv) 10-3; Rice-Spellman (TV) pinned Carnes (STC) 45 secs.; Dennis (Clay) pinned Hayhurst (New) 1:49; Dennis (Clay) pinned Wood (Shen) 33 secs; Stoffer (SV) pinned Pabin (UL) 1:34.

182 - Leasure (Cald) pinned Hampton (BH) 30 secs; Leasure (Cald) pinned Hearn (UL) 13 secs.; Meeks (New) pinned Dunn (Riv) 1:01; Benge (STC) dec. Cole (SV) 7-2; Crall (Clay) dec. Ramirez (Mor) 7-0; Crall (Clay) pinned Beckett (Bealls) 2:22.

195 - Groff (SV) pinned Bier (Bealls) 1;44; Rosen (Riv) dec. Sheldon (TV) 10-5; Gray (Clay) pinned Hovaliski (Mor) 2:49.

220 - Harding (Clay) pinned Duke (Mead) 52 secs; Harding (Clay) pinned Norris (Bealls) 26 secs.; Furbee (STC) maj dec. Perdue (Barn) 12-3; Furbee (STC) dec. Geiger (SV) 1-0.; Dotson (Riv) pinned Ott (CV) 3:13; Dotson (Riv) pinned Rucker (Cald) 20 secs.; Coole (MF) pinned Reed (UL) 1:19; Coole (MF) dec. Watt (TV) 4-0; Reed (UL) pinned Viney (Mor) 55 secs.

285 - Newsome (TV) pinned Goble (Riv) 1;46; Newsome (TV) dec. Henry (Clay) 6-1; Maxwell (Mor) pinned Fritter (Barn) 1:14; Bodkin (MF) pinned Robinson (MC) 37 secs.; Ernest (STC) pinned King (UL) 52 secs; Ernest (STC) pinned Helms (SV) 1:03.



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