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T-L Super Bowl Poll: 49ers to pan gold

February 2, 2013
By RICH GIBSON - Times Leader Sports Writer ( , Times Leader

OVAC coaches and media members have spoken.

And a majority expect Jim Harbaugh to prevail in a historic Super Bowl battle of brothers tonight in the Big Easy.

The annual Times Leader Super Bowl Poll give a relatively decisive edge to San Francisco's 49ers who will capture the franchise's sixth Lombardi Trophy with a victory in New Orleans' SuperDome.

In addition to area coaches and media types, a pair of special guests are included in this year's poll - Buckeyes John Simon and Zach Boren, both of whom appeared locally Saturday at the Ohio Valley Mall.

Let the commercials roll:

RUDY VAVROCK, Bridgeport - San Francisco rates an edge defensively and I like Colin Kaepernick's mobility. 49ERS, 28-24.

JOHN DURDINES, Bishop Donahue - San Francisco's defense is younger, faster and better. Look for them to score a defensive touchdown. 49ERS, 24-10.

PHIL PEST, Buckeye Local - The question is: Will Baltimore be able to defend Kaepernick for four quarters? I don't think so. 49ERS, 27-21.

JOSH PERKINS, Caldwell - I'm a life-long AFC guy. RAVENS, 27-20.

ROB METZGER, WTOV-TV9 - I'll just say Harbaugh gets a Super Bowl ring! Oh, wait, that's the easy way out. San Fran matches the Steelers with six SB wins. 49ERS, 24-14.

SCOTT NOLTE, WTRF-TV7 - Randy Moss adds a Super Bowl victory to his outstanding career. 49ERS, 31-21.

MIKE HUGHES, Times Leader - As a New England fan, any defense that can curtail Tom Brady not once - but twice - gets my vote. RAVENS, 24-17.

SEAN BLUMETTE, Brooke - I like the way San Francisco runs its offense. Kaepernick provides a true dual-threat. 49ERS, 24-14.

MATT JOHNSON, Barnesville - I don't necessarily want Baltimore to win but I believe Ray Lewis is destined to go out with a win. RAVENS, 24-20.

JUSTIN KROPKA, Harrison Central - This is my kind of game - two great defensive teams. Should be a fun game to watch. RICK 49ERS, 24-21.

RICK DELUCA, Times Leader - As much as I don't want to go against the Steelers' big rival, I can't help but believe the Ravens' defense is too tough. RAVENS, 27-13.

JIM RODGERS, Cameron - San Francisco has a hungry defense. They'll be the difference in a close game. 49ERS, 21-17.

TODD BRADFORD, Frontier - As a long-time Browns' fan it pains me to say this: RAVENS, 28-21.

JESSE WELLS, Meadowbrook - Look for both defenses to dominate in a great matchup. 49ERS, 14-13.

TIM WEAVER, Bethany College - Since all the 'experts' and talking heads are going with San Francisco, I'm going the other way. RAVENS, 24-21.

MIKE YOUNG, Wheeling Central - Baltimore has shown the most improvement since the playoffs started. RAVENS, 30-21.

BRETT MCLEAN, St. Clairsville - Expect Randy Moss to make at least two or three big plays. 49ERS, 31-27.

SETH STASKEY, Times Leader - Since Ray Lewis announced his retirement, it's been clearly evident Baltimore is destined to get it done. RAVENS, 34-28.

ERIC SCHUMACHER, Conotton Valley - Not sure Baltimore can contain Kaepernick. Still, I think this game comes down to the wire. 49ERS, 27-21.

BJ DEPEW, Linsly - A physical Super Bowl game between two strong defenses. 49ERS, 20-10.

ERIC HUCK, Fort Frye - Colin Kaepernick brings something different to the table. He has to be difficult to prepare for. 49ERS, 27-24.

JOHN BOWERS, Morgantown - San Francisco has the best front nine in the NFL. They're the difference in a close game. 49ERS, 24-21.

DAVE BRUNEY, Martins Ferry - Joe Flacco is on a roll but I give an edge to San Francisco's diversity on offense. 49ERS, 35-28.

STEVE DALEY, Steubenville Central - Colin Kaepernick's obviously the real deal. He creates huge mismatch problems. 49ERS, 28-24.

DAVID BLOMQUIST, WWVA Radio - Look for a Baltimore win and Ray Rice as the game MVP. RAVENS, 20-17.

MIKE ANTHONY, WTRF TV7- I'll take San Fran, reluctantly, though I want Rany Moss to get his ring. Also, Kaepernick to outplay Flacco. 49ERS, 27-23.

MARK HOLENKA, Shadyside - Being a huge Steelers' fan, I can't be objective here. I'd like to see them both lose. However, 49ERS, 24-13.

IAN WHITTINGTON, Oak Glen - I'm stoked for this game. Should be very entertaining and high-scoring! 49ERS, 42-38.

LORI FIGURSKI, Times Leader Publisher - I like Coach John better than his brother. How proud their parents must be! But I have to go with San Francisco. 49ERS, 24-21.

ERIC MEEK, Toronto - Two evenly-matched teams should make for a close, competitive game. 49ERS, 24-20.

MIKE FLANNERY, River - San Franciso is deeper all-around. Also, I've always admired Jim Harbaugh. 49ERS, 37-24.

KIM NORTH, Times Leader - It's a sure-fire thing a Harbaugh will be the winning coach. But which one? I'm going with San Francisco because my oldest son is a die-hard Niners' fan. 49ERS, 29-12.

JEREMY MCELROY, Beaver Local - San Francisco has slightly more offensive weapons. 49ERS, 24-21.

JOSE DAVIS, Bellaire - Kaepernick makes the difference. He's definitely the real deal. 49ERS, 27-21.

RENO SACCOCCIA, Steubenville - Baltimore will be keying on Kaepernick. Look for (running back) Frank Gore to come up big. 49ers, 24-20.

MIKE MUKLEWICZ, Times Leader - San Francisco takes it in a shootout behind the hot hand of their cool, calm and collected young quarterback. 49ERS, 31-28.

ANDREW CONNOR, Indian Creek - Baltimore will have trouble containing San Francisco's two-dimensional running attack of Kaepernick and Gore. 49ERS, 28-20.

PAUL KANZIGG, Beallsville - I expect San Francisco's offensive line to be a determining factor. 49ERS, 31-24.

KALEB LAWRENCE, Shenandoah - Baltimore's defense makes one more play. RAVENS, 28-24.

RICK GOODRICH, John Marshall - Colin Kaepernick and his dual-threat ability will be the difference. 49ERS, 24-17.

JOHN SIMON, Ohio State Buckeyes - Because of my Youngstown connection, I have to go with San Francisco. 49ERS, 24-13.

JOHN KELLEY, University High - Baltimore seems destined to win it all. They will tonight in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history. RAVENS, 23-20.

RYAN WILSON, Clay-Battelle - I'm a Ray Lewis fan but I have to go with San Francisco. 49ERS, 28-21.

KEVIN GUNN, Cambridge - San Francisco rates an edge based on a more efficient running game. 49ERS, 24-17.

MIKE PALMER, Times Leader - Ray Lewis will spend his last four quarters 'Kaepernicking' with futility. 49ERS, 35-27

TONY FILBERTO, Weir High - Baltimore won't be able to keep up with San Francisco's multiple threat offense. 49ERS, 24-14.

ROGER WAIALAE, West Liberty University - I haven't got one right in eight years. This game may come down to a field goal. RAVENS, 24-23.

REX RUSH, Hundred - San Francisco to dominate on both sides of the ball. 49ERS, 35-7.

BRUCE STILES, Union Local - Ray Lewis and his leadership gives Baltimore the big trophy. RAVENS, 28-24.

DALE BROOMHALL, Buckeye Trail - The 'Pistol' will definitely come into play tonight which gives San Francisco the edge. 49ERS, 24-21.

DAVE SKINNER, Wellsville - San Francisco's offensive line has been dominant and will be again tonight. 49ERS, 28-21.

ZACH BOREN, Ohio State Buckeyes - Expect a big game from Kaepernick. He's going to run for over 100 yards. 49ERS, 38-24.

JAY CIRCOSTA, Monroe Central - Joe Flacco is having a great postseason and I really like Baltimore's defense. RAVENS, 28-17.

TOM WEST, Valley - It should be a highly competitive Super Bowl. Either team could win it. But, I'll give Jim Harbaugh an edge. 49ERS, 21-17.

JOHN BLACKMORE, WKKX - Baltimore wins it with Ray Lewis earning MVP honors. RAVENS, 27-17.

BRENT CROASMUN, Paden City - I really like San Francisco's young quarterback. I think he makes a play to win it. 49ERS, 24-21.

RICH GIBSON, Times Leader - Joe Flacco leads Dirty Birds to the Lombardi Trophy and adds permanent 'elite' status to his resume. RAVENS, 23-17.

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