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Taste Buds: Kennedy’s Cakes & Donuts

Cambridge bakery satisfies sweet cravings

February 7, 2013


The Buds can hardly believe that the holidays are over and spring is just around the corner. We swear that just yesterday we were sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, and now ... and now we're less than a week out from Ash Wednesday! What the heck, time - slow down already!

During the weekly "where are we going to eat" conversation, it came up that Bud Shaunna plans to give up sugar for Lent. Admiring Bud Shaunna's resolve - but not strong enough to go do the same - Bud Em suggested (and Bud S wholeheartedly agreed) that the self-sacrificing Bud should indulge in something extremely sweet and delicious while there was still time. So, the Buds were off to Kennedy's Cakes and Donuts to gather a load of sweet goodies that would hold Bud S over until Easter.

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Located on the Southgate Parkway in Cambridge, Kennedy's boasts over 40 years of experience baking cakes and treats for all occasions. Busy baking seven days a week, they offer a wide range of products including pastries , cookies, donuts, breads, pies, pepperoni rolls and more. They even have a large selection of sugar-free items for those with special diet needs. In fact, Kennedy's claims to have the largest display of baked goods in Ohio! Wowza!

Once they got a glimpse inside the door, the Buds sure believe 'em! Racks of fresh bread were a'plenty and glass pastry cases lined most of the large interior.

The Buds were overwhelmed by the selection of fresh baked goods. There were beautiful cakes, different loaves of bread, quick breads and muffins, cookies of every shape and color, fancy cupcakes, a variety of bagels including plain, veggie, cinnamon raisin, raisin, pumpkin spice and more, pepperoni rolls with and without cheese, baked donuts, glazed donuts, fritters, paczki, biscotti, mixed nuts and more. The Buds even saw a sign for a new maple bacon donut - interesting!

Bud Em selected a pepperoni roll with cheese, a peach and cream cheese paczki and a cream-filled long john decorated with red icing and Valentine's Day sprinkles. The haul rang in at just under four bucks and was worth every sugar-coated calorie. Bud Em's daughter - a lover of pepperoni rolls - was delighted with Kennedy's version, which was a good size and not overly greasy as they sometimes tend to be. The paczki was fantastic! The pastry was the perfect texture and the peach filling as well as cream cheese filling combined to make knock-out taste. The long john was equally as delicious only a much, much sweeter variety of pastry, and its size makes it the perfect treat to cut in half and share.

Realizing Bud Em was on to something with the paczki, Bud Shaunna copied her cohort and chose the peach and cream cheese flavor paczki as well, along with a snickerdoodle donut and, of course, her favorite go-to pastry, the cream horn. Her total came to a shade over two bucks.

The cream horn was flaky and coated with powdered sugar and stuffed with a fluffy filling. It didn't last long on Bud Shaunna's plate - she's even embarrassed to say that she nearly licked the crumbs! While there is never sharing for Bud S when cream horns are involved, it was a different story for the paczki and the donut, which she happily cut in half and shared with her sweetie, Bud Hubby. The snickerdoodle donut, which was more like a donut stick, had a crusty cinnamon-sugar topping, but the real surprise was in the first bite - a bottom layer of a creamy icing. Heaven on a plate! Bud Hubby concurred, saying he wished more of them were purchased. Lesson learned and apparently already a list for the next trip!

In addition to the wall-to-wall bakery items available, Kennedy's also has some unique displays, including a cases featuring old school cake toppers and other bakery-type nostalgic items. It was definitely the most unique bakery shop the Buds have ever visited.

Next time you happen to be in or driving through Cambridge and have a bit of a sweet tooth, make a detour to Kennedy's Cakes and Donuts. It's totally worth it!

The Buds can be reached at tastebuds@timesleader



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