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Survivor Spotlight: Adam Elizeus

May 26, 2013
Times Leader

Adam Elizeus, 47

St. Clairsville (Hometown)

Stage 3 Melanoma - Diagnosed July 9, 2011

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My cancer story: I had a mole on my back for many years. My wife, Becky, made me an appointment to see a dermatologist. I went to see Dr. Ruben on July 5, 2011, and of course he removed it and sent it to be checked. On Monday, the office called to confirm it was cancer (melanoma). Dr. Ruben set us up with specialist Dr. Polack at Wheeling Medical Park. Dr. Polack then scheduled me for surgery to take out more skin to see how deep the cancer was. The results came back as being stage 3 Melanoma. It just gets crazier from there.

I had surgery, and they had to remove 12 lymph nodes from under my left arm. Two showed signs of cancer. We took care of that and began the process of getting around 45 moles removed. I also started chemotherapy but had to stop after three weeks because I got very sick and lost too much weight.

After Thanksgiving, I began my at home treatments. My wife, Becky, had to give me three shots (14 million units of Interferon) three times a week for a year. I thank God for the American Cancer Society, as these shots usually cost $875 per shot, and they helped get me the shots I needed at no cost.

I no longer work. I was a truck driver for 26 years, but due to the treatment, I now battle with memory loss and tiredness. The doctor has said I may or may not be able to return. But what is important is today I am in REMISSION! We will beat this battle with Melanoma Skin Cancer!

Message from Adam's caregiver and wife Becky: We as a family have had a hard time with cancer. But thanks to all of the support from the doctors, we have a positive outlook and HOPE. I gave Adam his shots and watched him get so sick. It was hard at first. He was always very nice to me on shot day! Our girls were sad at first, but we worked together as a family and now things are great.

Adam is so very positive and that makes it easier on all of us. We love him so much and we are glad to know he will about around for a long time! We urge everyone to please get checked for moles and use sunscreen!

Adam is a member of the Fall in Step For The Fight for Relay for Life of Belmont County and has participated in the survivor lap and dinner for the past two years. If you are a survivor and/or would like to get involved with Relay For Life, please contact Chelsea Edwards at 888.227.6446 x3206 or



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