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Taste Buds: Depot Bikery

Burress brings southern fare to Heritage Port

July 18, 2013

Last week, the rain finally held off long enough for the Buds to pay a visit to the recently reopened Depot Bikery.

The waterfront eatery, located at the North end of Wheeling's Heritage Port near the playground, is now featuring the culinary creations of chef James Burress and is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weather permitting. Diners will be able to eat their lunch at umbrella-shaded tables, surrounded by greenery and soft music, overlooking the scenic Ohio River and historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge.

Over the years, the Buds have become very familiar with Burress' southern style home cooking, and we're always happy when given an opportunity to indulge in his pulled pork, fried catfish and tasty onion rings. Heck, his delicious fried green tomatoes practically call to us by name! Naturally, the Buds were glad to learn that the menu at the Depot Bikery features many of these Burress 'classics' as well as a self-serve taco/salad bar loaded with everything one might need to design their own fresh salad or taco.

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The Depot Bikery

At first glance, both Buds were sold on the $7.99 taco/salad bar. We're pretty sure the stack of deep fried crunchy salad bowls was the main reason. Seriously - we are super fans of the DFCB. Healthy? Nope. Do we care? Not today.

Aside from said edible salad container, the bar also included hard taco shells, soft tortillas, croissants, lettuce and salad veggies of all types, cole slaw, pasta and macaroni salads, cheeses, turkey, taco meat and even pulled pork. One could design a pretty unique salad or taco with the selections!

Bud Em filled her tortilla bowl with plenty of lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, taco meat, crispy French fried onions and a dollop of sour cream. She threw a scoop of homemade cole slaw on the side because it looked too good to pass up. With a can of cold soda on the side for an additional buck and, Bud Em was ready to dig in. The taco salad she created was delish! The perfect meal for enjoying outdoors on a sunny day.

Bud Shaunna also loaded up on the standard taco fair, topping it off with some hot, fresh nacho cheese - MMM! The macaroni salad looked very creamy and was too much to resist, as was the pulled pork at the end of the bar. Pulled pork on a taco salad? Well, it didn't fit anywhere else on the plate! The crunchy salad bowl raised an ordinary taco salad to the next level, and the pulled pork was sweet and tender.

During lunch, the Buds were thrilled to learn that the singer stationed near the eatery to provide musical entertainment was the former bass player for the Vogues. He was fantastic! The Buds were entranced with his wonderful selection of songs from classic rock to the Beatles. He was so good, the Buds could have sat there all afternoon! We would have stood up and danced but were a bit too full from those DFCBs.

Full bellys also prevented the Buds from trying one of the dessert options, deep fried funnel sticks. Yes, you read that correctly! But we have a feeling the Buds will return to the Depot Bikery soon - for the funnel sticks AND the music!

The Buds can be reached at tastebuds@timesleader



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