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Shadyside Levy

August 30, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

It is that time of the year when we prepare for the election to be held in November.

The Shadyside Local School District is requesting a 4.61 mill 5 year levy. We are asked once more to approve a property tax increase, which the Supreme Court called an unconstitutional method to fund schools, this ruling has been ignored by the state and we continue to have our property taxes raised.

I believe that the voters should be able to review an itemized report in the newspapers so they can make a vote based on knowledgeable information. We are asked to vote on very vague information, regarding the reason for the need.

The school district knew of this shortcoming several years ago and used a bandaid approach by just waiting to put a levy on the ballot. I would like to ask the senior citizens and retirees in the district, who are on a fixed and diminishing income situation, for example, your health care premiums being increased, food costs, gasoline prices, utility increases, minimal social security raises didn't they cause a decrease in your income?

I believe the financial planners for the school district should have acted with fiscal responsibility, and reduce costs according to meet the fiscal situation like good financial managers do. What about the additional students you got from other districts, who brought their money into the district.

In closing, give us more financial information in the newspapers for all the tax payers to see and not say you can come in for individual viewing thereby restricting to an individual not open to district wide viewing allowing us to see the true situation. Good managers are able to manage with available funds, not just by asking for more funds. Those on fixed and diminishing incomes have to decide which costs have to be eliminated to make ends meet.


Alfred Tellitocci




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