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Taste Buds: The Grindhouse Coffee & Tea Co.

Business relocates to Wheeling, impresses Buds

September 26, 2013

Late last week, the Buds finally had a chance to drop in on owner A.J. Zambito and the Grindhouse Coffee & Tea Co. at their new location in Elm Grove.

The Buds had been to the Grindhouse's former location in St. Clairsville and were excited to see what was new at the 2085 National Road address (formerly Mariann's Place) ESPECIALLY when they learned it would involve gourmet grilled cheese. Oh yes he did go there!

The Grindhouse's menu includes everything that was available at the St. C. location as well as the large selection of grilled cheese sandwiches. There are sandwiches served on buttery croissants, large wrap style sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, desserts and more. Patrons can also enjoy specialty coffees and teas, fresh made smoothies, Italian soda and craft beer. The Buds couldn't wait to dig in!

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Hot Caprese grilled cheese

Both Buds knew they wanted to try the gourmet grilled cheeses before they even left the office, but making a selection from just that one portion of the menu was quite a task. Really, there are 17 to choose from! Help!

Bud Em finally settled on the Smokin' Hot Chick, because everyone like those, right? Two thick slices of Texas Toast were loaded with grilled chicken, bacon, Granny Smith apple, baby spinach and Gouda cheese. Oh my! Talk about good! The chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked and the apples added the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the smokey bacon. The best part, however, was definitely the gooey Gouda cheese. The sandwich was a mouth-watering delight!

Bud Shaunna, upon the recommendation of Zambito, chose the Hot Caprese off the stacked grilled cheese menu. Sandwiched in between two slices of thick Texas toast were fresh tomato slices, tons of fresh basil (YUM!) and thick-sliced buffalo mozzarella cheese. The basil was so fresh, and the mozzarella cheese was nice and gooey - it was like summer wrapped up into a nice sandwich! The large sandwich was served with a pickle and potato salad on the side. About the potato salad - Bud S has NEVER been a fan of potato salad, but this mustard-style creamy potato salad was actually quite good. The potatoes were firm and not mushy, and there was plenty of flavor. Definitely not something out of a plastic container, that's for sure!

Bud S also decided to try a hot beverage. The Grindhouse has a vast selection of specialty hot and cold drinks. Having already had her allotment of caffeine for the day, Bud S was intrigued by the wide variety of loose teas, so she decided to go with a red (decaf) chai latte. The latte was made with real tea - not a powder - and blended with almond milk. It was quite good! Bud S had her eye on a few other flavors of tea to try later, namely the delicious-smelling tropical green.

In the interest of keeping up good relations on the home front, Bud S took home a Pixberg Cheesesteak stacked grilled cheese for the hubby. This giant sandwich was loaded with shaved beef, green pepper, radish, carrot, red onion, hashbrowns and cheddar cheese - holy cow! Bud Hubby wasted little time scarfing said Pixberg Cheesesteak down, leaving only the heavenly aroma for Bud S to sniff.

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