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Shadyside Levy

October 5, 2013
Times Leader


Mr. Tellitocci has sent letters to the editor in the past concerning politics and political party agendas and to be truthful I have had a hard time digesting some of his political views.

I will agree though that your letter to Mr. Haswell concerning the up and coming Shadyside school levy is spot on!

You should not have to consult with Mr. Haswell before questioning the expenditures of a public school system. You mentioned that the United States is no longer a leader in the education, I believe we are 15th in the world. This alone should tell us that our public school systems are broke.

Mr. Haswell, in your response to Mr. Tellitocci you stated that the teacher's salaries are posted on and that you didn't feel it was necessary to reiterate this.

I disagree, a lot of our senior citizens do not have access to computers or even the knowledge of what is available.

Since the public school systems are funded by the taxpayers, and you are coming to us the taxpayers for additional funding you should be laying out what your expenditures are and justifying them. I believe that not only should you be publishing the salaries but also the retirement payout and health care benefits afforded to the teaching community.

I would venture to predict that the majority of the paying public have no idea what kind of a salary and retirement a select group in every community that has a public school system has.

Along with salaries, all other operating expenditures should be addressed and disclosed. This is how the business world operates and I believe if the public school systems were operated as a business the outcome would be a better product with less cost.

I realize that salaries and benefits are only a part of the overall expenses of operating a school system. I do question though if the school system is in such dire need for funding why in 2012, according to buckeye institute, the Shadyside school system spent $70,388 in salaries alone designated as "Coaching Assignments"? One has to remember that health care, retirement, and other benefits compound this number.

With the Ohio Valley in decline, it is only a matter of time that consolidation has to be considered. I believe that this should be part of the school boards fiduciary responsibility to be looking out for what is best for the taxpayer.

I encourage the taxpayers to do their due diligence before voting. Find out where your money is going to and why.

John Ney




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