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Last minute Halloween costume ideas

October 27, 2013
By KIM LOCCISANO - Staff Writer ( , Times Leader

"You've got a costume to wear tonight to the party, right? You know we are not going to let you stay home just because you say you don't have a costume and don't really want to go out and buy one. There's got to be something here we can use for you as a Halloween costume."

If you have ever been on the receiving end of just such an impassioned plea, albeit they are usually offered with a fairly short timeframe in which all arrangements for costuming are to be addressed, they are still worth giving it a try.

Apparently the demand for Halloween costumes of almost any type has never been greater.

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If you’ve just been invited to a Halloween party — or waited until the last minute to pick out a costume — your best, and most creative, option is to make your own with inexpensive pieces or items around your house. Your other option??Buy a costume and wear it right out of the box.

For many of today's soon-to-be Halloween celebrants, there is only one topic fit for chewing on when friends gather for a few minutes at lunch, at the local coffee shop, break room or college campus food court.

Costume development only has to be as complicated as the person planning to wear the individual outfit wants it to be.

If you are a handy do-it-yourselfer type, it is likely the idea light bulbs started clicking on as soon as decisions about possible social events to attend came into discussions.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, but prefer to have some visuals to work from as inspiration or to help bolster the confidence of your inner costume designer spirit, sites such as can be helpful.

As the season gets closer to the big night, ideas can seem to come in rapid succession, at times in almost overwhelming waves, all wrapped in a cloak of good intentions.

If you are planning to purchase a costume, thousands of costumes are available for purchase on e-Bay and commercial sites, and the local Halloween stores also have extremely large selections.

The local library systems offer a large number of instructional craft magazines and instructional videos, and will occasionally be home to a seasonal workshop designed to tempt even the youngest designers in the family.

Not sure how to make some of the extra items needed by your up and coming ghastly ghost or withering old witch? A quick trip to the local craft store, second hand store, hardware store, home appliance store, kids toy store, or craft store may just provide you access to the components of what will soon be known as the coolest Halloween costume ever.

The real key to success in a costume crisis brings with it a very tight timeframe or budget: use your imagination.

Yes, if there is only one solution you are comfortable with, and that is buying a ready-made, there are choices to access those inventories at shops large and small across the local region from seasonal specialists, such as the multitude of shops operated under the name of Spirit.

The closest store is located at The Ohio Valley Mall, but the business invites customers to also enjoy shopping on-line and do offer an array of mega popular costume selections for all trick-or-treaters to enjoy.

Some such costume and accessories stores dedicated to celebrating the festivities of Halloween are still open to questions of whether something can be ordered for delivery by the time of your individual seasonal festivities.

Costume industry experts note that at this close date to the Halloween events, there will be a substantially decreased inventory and customers may well find they are simply unable to get the opportunity to don the Dark Knight's stunning cape, to procure the distinctive profile of the melting and bleeding otherworldly white face masks and more.

Industry experts suggest not getting your heart set solely on one item, but going ahead and thinking about characters within a designated theme scenario: if planning to attend an event with a group of friends, coordinating role assignments within theme characters before purchases are made is also not a bad idea.

A note to emergency situation avoidance efforts - no matter how last minute your involvement in Halloween fun happens to be, prepackaged items are an idea at the top of many lists held by shoppers. Most large discount and department stores will have a selection of these items and also of face paint and stage makeup of the type that requires no expertise - but might be better handled by adults than by youngsters.

Keep a bit of duct tape and some safety pins handy for saving the day should a wardrobe malfunction of any sort happen.

Among the most popular costume themes for this season are tied directly to the real life characters of the popular show "Duck Dynasty." What's required: a little spirit gum, a fake bushy and long beard, camouflage clothing of one sort or another, a baseball cap and, of course, some obligatory duck calls.

Not satisfied with these ideas and running out of time and or money to dedicate to this project? The solution is simple - reaching back into the darkest corners corners of your closet, grab an old jacket of sorts and head for the nearest clothes closet or thrift store. You will be covering a large part of the jacket in a highly popular substance: duct tape.

If you forgot to pick up scissors, just rip the duct tape using your hands - just like professionals do when working with the highly versatile product.

Planning to purchase a costume that requires placing an order? You will be waiting for delivery, so make that order now. Ask about waiving shipping costs for these tightly scheduled purchases - you never know, you just might find someone will offer you a sweet deal.

Experts will encourage you to establish a financial ceiling for a potential costuming purchase. If not, you may find it will take a super hero to extract you from the retail store thanks to the breathtaking array of items for sale.

If you're really down to the wire, find a delivery box (refrigerator or washing machine) and hop into it after adding straps fashioned from anything such as rolled up aluminum foil, old shoe laces or even ripped sections of old towels.

The point is to fashion a distinctive costume with little time or money. There is one surefire original costume to fall back on as a fail safe - come as yourself.

Costume or no, whether a party or trick or treating, friends and family are most looking forward to having you join in the Halloween festivities and fun.



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