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October 23, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

The Village of Rayland at the present time is moving forward for the benefit of all village residents. The good things happening in your town are unprecendented in it history. We have the momentum moving in the right direction. Here is a list of some of the accomplishments that happened in the past eight years during my term in office.

The present village officials have taken your village from the brink of bankruptcy with over $100,000 dollars in debt to the municipality being on sound financial ground. Think about that citizens. This cannot be disputed. Why would you want to change things?

The village has received over $1,000,000 dollars in government grants in the past eight years with a good chance of getting more. Do you, the good residents of Rayland, want to this to stop? I don't think so. Keep the present council in office, Clarice Bibbo, Carolyn Tolonese, Breanda Staats, along with the electing newcomer, Todd Heitz, to keep us moving forward. The Village of Rayland cannot afford to hesitate when it comes to applying for government grants. If we hesitate, the village loses its ability to apply for and receive any grants from any government agency. In the present environment, it is very difficult for any small village to compete for what grant money is available. Your village ill need sewer lines replaced, roads repaired and improved, storm drainage rehabilitated and many other parts of its infrastructure replaced and rehabilitated in the near future. Your village's very survival is at stake. Think about this before you vote for a Rayland Village Council Person in the November general election backed by a person who is a chronic complainer, has never applied for a grant in his life and sees nothing good being done in the village as stated in his many letters to the editor.

Your village has gotten new sidewalks, put in on the east side of Main Street with new sidewalks on the west side to follow at no cost to any resident.

Narrows Road has been resurfaced at a cost of $80,000 dollars through a government grant at no cost to any resident of Rayland.

The Village of Rayland has gotten new waterlines installed on Main Street, Church Street and Highland Street at a cost of $700,000 dollars through a government federal stimulus grant (the only one received in Jefferson County) again at no cost to the citizens of Rayland.

This list could go on and one, but I really do not need to continue, everybody gets the idea.

There needs to be continuity in the Village of Rayland with the working together of the present officials to offer the best chance for the municipality to keep moving forward, not backward.

What is best for the Village of Rayland and its residents is the most important reason - the only reason to elect village officals. Do not vote for candidates who have hidden agendas or want to make changes for their own personal reasons.

Re-elect Clarice Bibbo, Brenda Staats and Carolyn Tolonese on Village Council along with electing Todd Heitz, to ensure that the Village of Rayland and will continue to move forward under good leadership and management. It is all up to you, the residents. As citizens of Rayland, you have to make the decision on how Rayland either moves forward for survival or backward into the abyss. It is all up to you. We have the best community in the valley. Let us keep it that way!

Tammy Morelli


Village of Rayland



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