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October 26, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Editor,

Please let me tell you the story in case you FORGOT!

There once were three little citizens. A poor little citizen, a middle class little citizen and a big money citizen.

One day a big giant tax wolf came down the road and he saw a poor little citizen living in a pile of straw because he was homeless because his government gave up on its moral values and commitment. The big tax wolf blew away the straw homeless man's home and the poor citizen ran to the middle class man's house of sticks for help and shelter but soon to follow was the big giant tax wolf and he huffed and he puffed and he blew away the house of sticks and the poor homeless citizen along with the now poor middle class citizen ran for help to the little big money citizen who had a castle made of bricks of gold from a fort called Knox in Kentucky. The little big money citizen, laying by the pool full of cash, saw the two little now poor citizens running and yelling for help. The now very big money citizen ran to his door and locked it, went up to the penthouse and watched the big tax wolf devour the poor and middle class citizen, then he shot the big bad tax wolf with a silver bullet and lived happily ever after with no more taxes, no guilt or no remorse.

Those who read this will probably know this is not a true story - or is it?

Good Luck, America.

Rich Lucas




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