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Taste Buds: The Dancing Donut

November 21, 2013

After a long, busy week, the Buds felt themselves losing steam. We needed a pick-me-up, and pronto!

And what better way to get a sure-fire smile back on our tired faces? How about donuts. Dancing donuts, perhaps? As luck would have it, there IS a Dancing Donuts Bakery, and it's located in the Warwood Shopping Plaza right in the heart of Warwood. Play us out of the building, Scotty!

We didn't really expect these donuts to get up on the counter and do the cha-cha for us (although a tiny part of us were hoping for at least a kick-line), but the second we stepped inside the bakery, the smell of fresh baked goods sent our taste buds into a tango!

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A?tray of goodies from the Dancing Donut in Warwood includes donuts, a maple roll and a pepperoni roll.

The vast selection of confectionery delights seemed overwhelming. What to choose? Dancing Donuts offers a variety of donuts, including glazed and filled; breakfast rolls, like very large cinnamon and pecan rolls, turnovers and danishes; cookies; cupcakes; breads; cakes and sheet cakes, as well as ice cream cakes. Oh, and did we mention, the Duck Dynasty cake displayed in their front window definitely caught our eyes on the way in?

After making a surprisingly quick decision while Bud Em still waffled, Bud Shaunna chose two seasonal donuts, one apple cinnamon and the other pumpkin flavored, a cream-filled donut and two of Dancing Donuts homemade "twinkies."

The first thing Bud S tore into was the powdered sugar-covered cream-filled donut. HEAVENLY! Almost like a cream horn but in donut form. How could you possibly go wrong there? In addition, the apple donut was quite delicious the next morning with coffee, while Bud Hubby enjoyed the pumpkin donut.

The twinkies were made with chocolate cake instead of a yellow cake, and the cream filling tasted similar to the cream filling in the donut Bud S ate. Bud Hubby loved the twinkie, and Bud Shaunna thought it was good as well, although she decided that she would like to try it with the standard yellow cake. But overall, it was a winner!

Bud Em snagged a pair of pepperoni rolls - one for lunch and one for the little Bud at home - and a cake donut. Yes, the kind with icing and sprinkles, which is said Bud's favorite kind!

The pepperoni rolls were delicious! The yummy dough was soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside and had the perfect amount of pepperoni inside. For just a buck and a half, the pep roll, which was about the size of a large baking potato, made quite a tasty lunch on the fly. Bud Em would surely order them again.

Naturally, the cake donut didn't last very long either. The dense cake was perfectly moist and the sweet icing and colorful sprinkles combined to make the perfect sweet treat. It was two minutes of heaven that had Bud Em doing jazz hands for the rest of the afternoon.

While the Buds only got to taste a small amount of the goodies at the Dancing Donut, there's a pretty good chance that everything they didn't get to try is every bit as delicious. In fact, the Buds intend to prove this theory by visiting the bakery whenever they find themselves in Warwood. We suggest you do the same.

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