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How did your significant other pop the question?

February 26, 2014
By SHAUNNA DUNDER HERSHBERGER - Lifestyles Editor ( , Times Leader

Whenever a friend gets engaged, the first question we usually ask is, "How did he ask?" So we wanted to ask the same question of our readers:?"How did your significant other pop the question?"

I'll get the ball rolling with my own engagement story....

My husband and I were on vacation in Las Vegas when he proposed to me. I was actually expecting him to propose at some point, but I thought it would be earlier in the week. One evening, we walked towards the other end of the Strip, thinking we were heading towards a fireworks show. Unfortunately, we missed the show, so we had to turn around and find something else to do. We headed back towards the Mirage Hotel, and before we went inside, Justin pulled me off the sidewalk towards the bridge on the other side of the parking lot. "Where are we going?" I asked him, to which he replied (not very believably), "I want to see the water." What he actually wanted to do was propose, so he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. When I told him later I expected him to propose earlier in the week, he told me that his real plan was to ask me during the fireworks show. However, when he realized we missed it, he had to come up with a "Plan B" pretty quickly!

And so, here are some of our readers' engagement stories:

From Geraldine

IT WAS Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 1946, on a Saturday afternoon. I had washed my long hair and was waiting for it to dry (no hair dryers in 1946). I was in my bedroom playing my accordion. There was a knock on the door - no one answered, so I came down with the accordion strapped on, wet hair, and opened the door. There stood the most (unexpected), handsome, Navy Seabee in full dress, holding a rose, (one). I had no idea he was in the states or seen him for two years. When he left for overseas, we wrote, but being raised in the "old ways", I never had a kiss or held hands. I fell in love the first time I saw him about four years before, but he never let on that he even cared. He knew how strict my parents were, and this handsome sailor backed off.

After I let him in, took the rose, thanked him and the next thing he asked where my parents were, I said the kitchen. He went to say "Hello," I thought. I went upstairs and took the accordion off and tried to fix my long, wet hair. Came down and he said, my parents said "yes." I thought we finally were going to go out alone. No, it was, if he could take care of me the rest of his life and get married. He even had an engagement ring. Those days most everyone only had a wedding band.

We did get married, Sept. 2, 1946. My mother's birthday. Every Valentine's Day for 47 years he made it special and always "one rose". That "one rose" was the beginning of 47 beautiful years, until God called him home. An unbelievable husband, father, and more a son to my parents than a son-in-law.

This Valentine's Day will be 67 years and it will be special, as I have every card; but, no one can know the moment and magic of opening that door and seeing one very tall, handsome sailor!

From Patricia

DURING WORLD War II, Jim and I, briefly dated before he was drafted and shipped to Europe. We corresponded, but it was never serious.

After V-E Day, (Victory in Europe), and having fought in France, Holland and Germany, his outfit was shipped back home to Indiantown Gap, Pa., before moving on to California to prepare for the invasion of Japan.

In July 1945, his unit was granted a 30 day leave. We resumed dating, and one night when we were out with another couple, wanting to impress me, he decided to let me drive.

We were slowly approaching old Blaine Hill leading into Bridgeport when he said, "You can go faster than that," and reached over and pressed his foot on the gas - hard.

Being inexperienced, I could not control a car going 70 miles an hour down a steep hill. We were headed for the guard rail when he reached over and jammed his foot on the brake. The car stopped short of the guard rail and flipped over, landing on its side across the road.

We all climbed out of the wreckage shaken, but unhurt. He looked at me and said, "We better get married before something else happens."

Two weeks later, on July 25, 1945, we were married and he went on to California.

On Aug. 6th and 9th, we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ended the war.

I don't believe he would have survived the invasion of Japan.

From Peggy

WE WERE on our second trip to England in June 2003 and enjoying our last full day in the UK at the Oxford Botanical Gardens. It was Friday the 13th. My now-husband Jeff rented a rowboat and we took a ride on the River Cherwell to the Confluence with the River Thames and were returning when he guided the boat to shore, looked around and said, "This looks like a good spot." I thought, "For What?" We were close to the bridge near St. Hilda's College.

Jeff started to talk about how we had known each other for several years before we began dating and how a beautiful friendship had evolved into a very special relationship. He then got down on two knees so he wouldn't fall out of the rowboat and asked if I would marry him. My immediate answer was "I would be honored and YES!"

We then laughed, cried and rowed back to the boat dock. Once we set foot on dry land, I hugged Jeff and planted a big kiss on his lips. Our feet didn't touch the ground for the rest of the day. After we returned to the States, my mother called and asked, "Did you have a good time?" Did anything special happen?" Unbeknownst to me, Jeff had spoken to my mother prior to our departure and stated his intention to propose to me during our trip.

We enjoyed our three-year engagement as I was still living in Columbus for the first two years before I relocated to my hometown. We celebrated our seventh anniversary last year and still feel like we are on our honeymoon. But how else could I feel when married to such a thoughtful and romantic guy? And yes, I consider Friday the 13th to be my lucky day!

From Charleen

IN THE summer of 1982, my boyfriend, Tony, and I had been dating since 1978. During the summer of 1982, my future father-in-law had broken his hip and there was hay to be put up, barn to clean and other farm-related chores. I was working at Wheeling Clinic as a medical secretary and when off I would drive to the farm to help with the various farming chores as was needed. Every time I would complete a task, I would ask if that was enough to get a ring - not knowing one was in lay-a-way at a local jewelers. I was doing the farm all summer and when my birthday in October came, I was surprised, no ring. Sweetest Day was coming and Tony said, "Why not go out to dinner to the Mediterranean in Morristown?" Early that morning he called me and asked that I come to the farm to help with some farm equipment. When I arrived, he said, "Why didn't I go to the house and have coffee with him mom and sisters as he was not ready." He came to the house a little later, stating he forgot a bag of bolts in a bag in the tractor tool box in the shed and asked if I would go to get it, which I did. Once back at the house, he said, we had to sort the bolts. When I opened the bag, there was a small gift-wrapped box inside, and I said, "this better be what I think it is," laughing and crying. It was the most beautiful pear-shaped diamond ring. Also, he surprise me and told me that my parents were on their way as he had called them earlier to tell them. That evening, my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law, Tony and I went to eat and got to watch a belly dancer perform. We had the best celebration.

This June 16, 2014, we will be married 30 years. We live on the farm and love each other and our daughter, Natalie, who we adopted 12 years ago from Moscow, Russia.

We love the farm, Natalie, and the life we have made that started that summer in 1982. I remember that day in October, 1982 as if it were yesterday.

I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful, caring husband and a marriage that has lasted 30 years and is still growing in love and blessings.

From Judy

DAVE AND I were saving dimes and pennies for about a year. Every couple weeks he would give me the coins he had saved and I would immediately count them and put them in a jar. On Friday, July 17, 1964, he gave me some coins in a paper bag and I just put them in the bedroom. He wanted to know why I didn't count them. So I dumped out the coins and a diamond engagement ring was mixed in with them. What a surprise!

From Mary Alice

My husband, Albert, popped the question on Christmas Eve 1989, as we were opening one gift each that night. He had gotten me a bride and groom Lladro figurine and had tied a little note around their heads, asking me to marry him. It was a surprise, but such a wonderful one. I said "YES" with many happy tears flowing. We had dated for 10 years, meeting at the school we were both teaching at in Mentor, Ohio. I became his wife on June 15, 1991. We are living happily ever after.

From Carol

I met my husband in early October 1998. He "kidnapped" me for our first date (from Lorain, Ohio), telling me we were going to a fish dinner, which turned out to be Coleman's in Wheeling! Several weeks later just about Thanksgiving, he took me to meet his one daughter in Indiana. One night while playing Yatzee, I was adding my score when he said we should get married. I was speechless, so he came around the table, got down on one knee, took my hand and asked me again. We got married about three weeks later - and still remain together, but best of all we are best friends and hide nothing from each other. By the way, we never did get a chance to have a honeymoon or even a celebratory dinner ....we got a 30-plus inch blizzard instead! You don't need big deals after you say I do, just be happy to be with someone who is also your best friend!



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