BL grid coach is very active in his daily life

Roger Herbert believes that a person should do as many things in his/her life as they can. He certainly has and continues to do so.

The 39-year-old is entering his second season as head football coach at Buckeye Local. He also works full-time for the City of St. Clairsville. In addition, he has also been an assistant in several sports at his alma mater, Union Local, including a stint as head softball coach. He is a veteran of the Ohio Valley Baseball League having played for Barton, Lafferty and Maynard, and, this summer he started his own lawn service company.

What many people might not know is that Roger is also lead guitarist for the cover band “Pardon The Interruption.”

“I started playing the guitar when I was 14. My stepdad had a country band called “Blue Denim” that played a lot in the Barnesville/Cambridge area,” he explained. “He was the lead guitar player and he got me up on stage with him at an early age. I had a lot of nerves, but I eventually took over for him because he didn’t want the guitar anymore. From that point on, I really liked it.”

He recalled playing in a little band during his high school days.

“We played some rock n roll stuff, but I kind of got out of it for a long time because of other commitments,” he said.

Then his wife, Melanie, became ill, and (the band thing) started all over again.

“It’s a kind of funny story,” he admitted. “My wife got sick and the band did a benefit for her. A couple of guys that I used to play music with got together for the benefit. From there it turned into us playing 2-3 times a week.

“It’s a good stress reliever for us, but especially me because of all the things I’m involved in. I’m not home much, but I’ve got a wife who supports everything I do. I believe you should get as much out of life as you can and be active. I’m not one to sit at home. I’m actually gone from home more than I am anywhere else.”

PTI is a family-friendly band that includes Kelley Duvall as the lead singer. She is Melanie’s sister and her husband, Jason, is the bass player.

“That’s another funny story,” Roger said with a chuckle. “Jason had never played an instrument in his life. He’s my brother-in-law and was our roadie … carrying our equipment and stuff. He decided he wanted to learn the bass, so he took lessons and now he’s our bass player.”

“Jason also coached biddie wrestling and softball with me,” Roger added.

The band’s drummer is Craig Bozick.

“He plays for a lot of different bands in the Ohio Valley and is one of the best drummers in the valley. He’s outstanding. I’ve known him for a long time.”

As far as the band name, “we were sitting around one day and had several ideas, but this one came up and I think we’re going to stick with it. I wish I could say we have the patent rights, but I think ESPN might have won that one. However, on our Facebook page we get a lot of funny messages and I’m sure they are not intended for us.”

Another big supporter of the band is the Buckeye Local Board of Education.

“They are all for it,” he stressed. “They know I do this. Ever since I’ve been here, the board has been supportive with everything I’ve tried to do. They are our No. 1 backer.”