Two area schools fined by the OHSAA

COLUMBUS – Two area schools were issued penalties by the Ohio High School Athletic Association at the recent Board of Directors meeting at the OHSAA office.

St. Clairsville and Harrison Central were fined $100 and $150, respectively for violations involving transfers. Both schools self-reported their mistakes.

All told, the OHSAA made rulings against six schools.

St. Clairsville’s was deemed an “administrative error” after the school failed to obtain a transfer ruling and supply accurately completed Affidavit of Bona Fide Residence before the student-athlete played in a game.

The affidavit is a form that must be filled out and submitted to the OHSAA for each athlete when he or she moves into or transfers into the district.

Though the athlete did participate in contests prior to he or she being fully ruled eligible, the OHSAA didn’t order the Red Devils to forfeit any contests.

“The OHSAA restored eligibility for the student retroactively and prospectively and rescind any forfeitures that occurred when the ineligible student participated in victorious contests.”

Harrison Central, meanwhile, was cited for violating Bylaws 4-9-2 and 4-9-6, which deal with recruiting of a student-athlete after a junior high coach visited students and parents in their home.

According to the OHSAA press release, the students reside in the Harrison Central School District, but were open enrollment students to another district.

On top of the fines, the OHSAA ruled both student-athletes ineligible if they transfer to Harrison Central Junior High. Along with that, “no one from the school is permitted to have contact with the students or their parents prior to next school year.”