Griffin speaks in Belmont County

Two-time Heisman Trophy Winner Archie Griffin made a stop in Belmont County, at Undo’s West, Thursday evening, addressing The Ohio State Alumni Association of Belmont County. The organization gave updates about working on many aspects to improve the institution in Columbus.

Of the many topics discussed, the representatives from OSU Alumni Association highlighted the progress on an initiative to raise funding for the campus and bolster new programs to expand its curriculum.

The featured speaker of the night was none other that its own president and CEO, who played his historic days in Scarlet and Gray during the mid-1970’s. The lone two-time Heisman Trophy winner was in attendance to talk about work that is being done around the state.

Griffin stated how important it is to hold the highest standards of education at the university, even joking about his possible denial of admission under the same criteria of the school today.

“We’ve been going around many of the counties in the state in an effort to continue moving the university forward in many different ways,” Griffin said. “Of course, everyone wants to talk about football, but it’s simply amazing the things that are happening in Columbus right now away from the football field.”

During the event, the Alumni Association awarded a scholarship to an incoming Buckeye from the Ohio Valley. Brennan Donahue, who is a recent graduate of St. John Central, was selected out of the 35 Belmont County students nominated. He was on hand to receive the honor and speak with Griffin.

The Ohio State Career Management office also gave a brief presentation on some of the improvements and program expansions offered or are being created in the near future.

Griffin fielded questions towards the end of the event on a array of topics such as Big Ten alignment and additions, his legendary coach and even his own personal opinion on the paying of student athletes.

“Back when I was playing, Woody Hayes made $37,000 a year, currently our coach makes $4.3 million dollars. So, do I think we need to help our athletes a little? Yes, but of course, this is strictly my personal opinion though, and not the university’s,” he said with a chuckle.

“We ended last year doing something only a few teams have ever done going 12-0. Taking a look at what we have coming back, it’s going to be a very exciting season this year. We have a good group of core receivers, a solid backfield,” Griffin pointed out. “And our leading rusher Braxton Miller.” he added jokingly.

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