New scoreboard coming to St. C.’s Red Devil Stadium

Red Devil Stadium in St. Clairsville is about to get another significant upgrade.

Plans have been laid out for a new scoreboard, with a video board, to be installed at the stadium this summer, aimed toward being ready for the upcoming football season.

The scoreboard, which was designed by Nevco, will offer room for nine business sponsorships and those must be in place before the work can begin, according to St. C. Athletics Director Kelly Rine.

“We feel the scoreboard is the missing link for our facility,” Rine said. “It’s time.”

The project has become a joint effort between the St. Clairsville Stadium Improvement Project Committee, which oversaw the installation of the turf and track, and Scholastic Sports Marketing.

“I think it’s doable,” Rine said. “We’ll just need a full out blitz because we’re in a bit of a time crunch.”

Nevco has informed St. Clairsville officials that the sponsorships must be in place by Friday, June 14 to be able to get started on the project if it’s to be done by this season.

Should the sponsors not be in place?

“If we don’t get them, we’ll just point toward 2014,” Rine said. “Nevco made the deadline because that’s how much time it will need to do the project.”

Assuming the sponsorships are in place, work would begin and run throughout the summer. The new board will feature the largest video board in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference, measuring 11’x 18.87′ and feature a 20mm display.

The majority of the sponsorship money generated goes to pay for the scoreboard and then once it’s paid for, the school benefits. Rine indicated that all money raised from those sponsorships will remain within the field. They’ll be used for upgrades at the facility as needed.

The new scoreboard will be installed outside of the fenced area, behind where the current board sits.

The initial planning of the scoreboard project began several years ago, according to Rine, but really excellerated after the Red Devils enjoyed a high level of success last football season, advancing to the Division IV State Championship Game before falling.

“We’d had discussions with James over the course of the last year or two, but we thought we’re going to strike while the iron’s hot and go ahead with it now,” Rine said. “We’re getting a lot of interest already in the project from a donor and sponsorship standpoint. Our momentum is right now and we’re going to try to capitalize on that.”

St. Clairsville officials waited until after the April vote on a school levy to begin to go public with this project because they didn’t want to confuse voters.

“This won’t cost the school or the stadium improvement committee a dime,” Rine stressed. “There will be no tax-payer money utilized whatsoever. This will be totally private funded.”

Along with the video board, the new scoreboard will feature a message board and offer opportunities for students to extend their classroom work and learn how to operate the board.

The board will also be a big plus in track season. St. C., which is the host site for the OVAC Track and Field Championship and is currently being considered as a regional host, will be able to broadcast races on the board and link its timing system into the board to show immediate results, making it especially fan friendly.

“This will have tons and tons of different graphics and capabilities,” Rine said. “It’ll also be fan friendly kind of things like you’d see at a college or pro game.”

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