Schedule card brings back thoughts of the big game

It’s a find that might not appear on ”Antiques Roadshow,” but for Mike Mahaffee it will always have a special place at his business.

While doing some fix-up work recently at the Shady Spot on Central Avenue, Mahaffee uncovered a Shadyside High School schedule card from the 1950 season. That was one year after his grandfather Louis Prantil started the business. Prantil had eight children, including Ann Mahaffee, Mike’s mom and the building’s current owner.

”I was changing some chair rail and pulled the old one off and this card fell on the floor,” Mahaffee said, displaying the 63-year-old find.

”When this game came around, I thought maybe someone would want to see this schedule.”

The game Mahaffee is referring to is Saturday’s high school football battle between Shadyside and Bellaire. The contest is the first in the series since 1950, the year of the schedule Mahaffee found.

Now, when Mahaffee found the schedule it wasn’t in the best shape. It’s brittle and looks to have been taped at least once. So, to make sure no more damage was done to it, Mahaffee had an 8×11 copy made and framed. That copy hangs near the front of the Shady Spot for all patrons to see.

”I really didn’t want too many people touching the original,” Mahaffee explained.

That’s understandable. It’s quite an heirloom.

One side of the card promotes W.T. (Tom) McCort’s re-election bid for Belmont County Auditor. There’s a picture of the democrat and a slogan that reads ”Belmont has no debt – let’s keep it that way.”

The schedule side features the slate, with game times, etc.

First on the schedule was the game Saturday, Sept. 16 contest at Bellaire, which started that year at 2:30 p.m. There was another 2:30 p.m. start, the season finale at Barnesville, which was played Saturday, Nov. 11.

In between, there were road games at Dennison, Yorkville and Bridgeport and home games against Union, Warren Consolidated, St. Clairsville and Powhatan. The night games, all on Fridays, began at 8 p.m.

As for Saturday’s game, Mahaffee, a 1984 Shadyside High grad, hopes the Tigers come out on top. He hopes to attend, but might not be able to because of work.

”It’ll be an interesting game,” he said. ”I think the stadium will be filled to capacity. I know that much.”