Nau not the time for Buckeye Local girls’ basketball coach

CONNORVILLE – Official practice for girls’ basketball season begins one week from today.

And Buckeye Local’s in need of a head coach.

Joel Nau, who was hired in April to replace Willy Luther, submitted his letter of resignation earlier this week, leaving the program in a state of flux.

“It was just a bad fit for me because of conflicts with sons playing sports in sixth and seventh grade,” Nau said.

“I’d rather do it now than give a half-hearted effort to the girls.”

According to Buckeye Local Superintendent Mark Miller, assistant Tom Figurski will step in and fill the role on the interim basis.

Nau, who is employed as a teacher at Buckeye Local, had been out of coaching for several years after serving as the Panthers’ boys coach.

Nau spent the entire summer working with the program and was there through all of the summer and off-season workouts.

“It’s just horrible timing on my part,” Nau said. “But, I think it’s the best decision for everyone involved. I want the girls to get the best out of their new coach and it just wasn’t going to fit for me.”

Nau believes things are well in place for Figurski to step in and make things a seamless transition.

As for the long-range position, Miller indicated the athletic committee will meet soon to get the ball rolling to find a coach.

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