TL Super Bowl Poll: Broncos, Manning set to hoist trophy

Expect the city of Denver to be celebrating into the wee hours of Monday morning.

The annual Times Leader Super Bowl, which was started many years ago by the late Rich Gibson, has spoken and Denver is expected to hoist its third Vince Lombardi Trophy tonight after Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

The poll is comprised of OVAC football coaches, area natives coaching and playing in the collegiate and professional ranks along with members of the media.

All told, 72 people offered their prediction. And, of those, 44 predicted the Broncos, who are just slight favorites over the Seattle Seahawks.

What’s clearly evident is many pollsters believe Peyton Manning will have a huge game and the weather could become a factor, though forecasts are calling for temperatures in the 40s today in the New York City metropolitan area.

These should hold you over until the 8-hour pre-game show begins:

LARRY MARMIE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I was coaching at Tennessee when Peyton was a freshman. He was outstanding then and has only gotten better. Seattle’s pass rush concerns me, but I think Manning will be too much. BRONCOS, 27-17.

MATT JOHNSON, Barnesville – Though I’d like to see Peyton get one more, I think the number one defense gets a big stop late. SEAHAWKS, 24-20.

JAY CIRCOSTA, Monroe Central – If Peyton gets time, he’s going to be hard to beat. But, I like Seattle. I think they have a solid defense and it’s their year. SEAHAWKS, 28-24.

RICK THORP, Times Leader – Seattle, with the league’s top defense and two weeks to prepare, finds an answer for the league’s top-ranked offense, and provides more credence to the old adage ‘defense wins championships.’ SEAHAWKS, 28-25.

RICK GOODRICH, John Marshall – Peyton Manning will play well and be the difference. BRONCOS, 34-28.

BRETT McLEAN, St. Clairsville – Too much Manning! I am going with Denver. BRONCOS, 27-20.

LORI FIGURSKI, Times Leader – We all know how Peyton Manning lives for big games. BRONCOS, 30-27.

B.J. DEPEW, Linsly – The weather and Seattle’s playmakers could make the difference, but I’m sticking with Peyton Manning. BRONCOS, 27-24.

JOHN SIMONSON, WTOV – Manning wins it on the last drive. BRONCOS, 24-17.

MIKE YOUNG, Wheeling Central – Peyton and the defense will control the game. BRONCOS, 31-17.

IAN WHITTINGTON, Oak Glen – I love the matchup between the No. 1 offense against the No. 1 defense. Too many offensive weapons for Denver and, in my opinion, the greatest quarterback of all time. BRONCOS, 24-17.

RUDY VAVROCK, Bridgeport – Seattle’s defense and running game in the cold weather could be the difference. SEAHAWKS, 27-24.

SCOTT HOLT, Cameron – The QB advantage will be too much for Seattle to overcome. BRONCOS, 27-20.

JEREMY McELROY, Beaver Local – Derek Wolfe is a Beaver Local grad, so I have to root for the team with local connections. BRONCOS, 31-17.

JOHN BLACKMORE, WKKX – Seattle runs the ball and stops the run. Defense wins championships and it helps when you have a guy running the ball nicknamed “Beast Mode.” SEAHAWKS, 27-23.

ANDREW CONNOR, Indian Creek – Seattle’s defense will at least slow down and put pressure on Manning. SEAHAWKS, 24-21.

MIKE YOUNG, Wheeling Central – Peyton and the defense will control the game. BRONCOS, 31-17.

MIKE PALMER, Times Leader – I’ll be rooting for Seattle, but Peyton Manning is destined for a storybook ending. BRONCOS, 27-24.

MARK HOLENKA, Shadyside – I’m not saying they’re better, but they’ve got more orange in their uniforms. BRONCOS, 31-27.

BRUCE STILES, Union Local – I like Denver. Why? Omaha! Omaha! BRONCOS, 27-14.

DAVE BRUNEY, Martins Ferry – Seattle may be more talented, but I like the chemistry the Broncos have. Plus, Peyton Manning has played so well all year, I can’t see him not playing well this week. BRONCOS, 27-20.

JOSH PERKINS, Caldwell – It seems like Denver is the underdog, and I’ve always wanted the underdog to win the big games. BRONCOS, 27-17.

ROB METZGER, WTOV – If Peyton Manning’s legacy as one of the greatest QBs wasn’t already secure, it will be after collecting his second Super Bowl ring against an excellent Seattle defense. BRONCOS, 24-21.

MIKE FLANNERY, River – Defense will play a major part, but, by the second half, the big guy makes his adjustments. BRONCOS, 17-13.

FRED RAY, Fairview (Ky) – A matchup of a great offense of Denver and a great defense of Seattle. Seattle’s defense will be up to the challenge. SEAHAWKS, 24-21.

PAUL KANZIGG, Beallsville – It’s hard to go against Manning, but I’ve got to go with Seattle’s defense. SEAHAWKS, 24-17.

ROGER WAIALAE, West Liberty University – It looks like the weather will play a major factor and that usually favors the defense. SEAHAWKS, 17-14.

JOHN DURDINES, Bishop Donahue – Defense wins championships, especially if the weather is an issue. SEAHAWKS, 20-17.

LEVI NELSON, Conotton Valley – Denver is an exciting team (to watch), and it’s hard to bet against Peyton Manning. But, Seattle is more of a complete team. SEAHAWKS, 29-26.

KIM NORTH, Times Leader – I was going to pick Seattle, but after what Richard Sherman did to Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship Game, I hope Peyton picks him apart. BRONCOS, 38-21.

BRENT CROASMUN, Paden City – The wind may determine who wins, but cold weather will not affect Denver and Peyton Manning’s ability to throw the ball. BRONCOS, 28-17.

RICK DeLUCA, Times Leader – Would like to see Peyton Manning win again before he hangs it up, but I think the Seattle defense will be up to the task. SEAHAWKS, 27-17.

JUSTIN KROPKA, Harrison Central – I am rooting for Manning, but I don’t like the Broncos’ matchup, especially with the weather. SEAHAWKS, 24-20.

SHANE HIGHLEY, Valley – I think it’s great they’re playing the game in the elements. SEAHAWKS, 27-24.

SCOTT NOLTE, WTRF – Bruce Irvin helps the Seattle defense control Peyton Manning. SEAHAWKS, 28-24.

CHRIS DAUGHERTY, Wheeling Park – It’s going to be a great one. SEAHAWKS, 27-24.

JOHN MAGISTRO, Westerville Central – I am rooting for Peyton Manning, but Seattle’s defense having two weeks to prepare gives them the advantage. SEAHAWKS, 38-35.

TODD FILTZ, Canton McKinley – Seattle is playing with the confidence of a champion, which is the attitude needed to win it all. SEAHAWKS, 24-20.

PHIL PEST, Buckeye Local – Being a Packers (part) owner, I don’t have much interest in the Super Bowl. I’ll root for Seattle. SEAHAWKS, 28-21.

JEFF PAOLINA, St. John Central – Peyton’s been too good this year not to be able to figure out the Seattle defense. BRONCOS, 28-24.

ERIC MEEK, Toronto – Manning wins it in the end! BRONCOS, 24-17.

TODD BRADFORD, Frontier – Seattle’s defense could make things tough for Manning for a while, but Denver will put the game away in the fourth quarter. BRONCOS, 34-21.

DAVE CLUTTER, OVAC Football Commissioner – I like the youth factor of the Seahawks and think their defense will limit Peyton Manning’s opportunities. SEAHAWKS, 24-20.

DOUG TAYLOR, Madonna – I think Pete Carroll has Seattle playing its best football right now. SEAHAWKS, 24-21.

R.J. BELL, – Manning’s big-game experience makes the difference in tight game. BRONCOS, 24-23.

SEAN BLUMETTE, Brooke – Peyton has been too good this year. He won a Super Bowl in the rain, so I think he’ll be able to overcome the elements. BRONCOS, 31-24.

ZAC BRUNEY, Ohio Dominican – I am rooting for Denver and want to see Manning win, but I think great defense and a rushing attack wins because of weather. SEAHAWKS, 27-23.

QUINCY WILSON, West Virginia University – I think Seattle has a great defense and enough offense to win the game. SEAHAWKS, 27-24.

KURT STUBBS, JJ Huddle/Ohio High – Seattle’s offensive deficiencies on the road will be too much to overcome Denver’s firepower. BRONCOS, 27-17

JOHN KELLEY, University – I think the experience at quarterback, plus (Denver) will handle the weather elements since they’re used to playing in cold. BRONCOS, 26-17.

DAN MONTEROSO, Purdue Wide Receiver – I just don’t think the Seahawks have enough offensive firepower to keep up. BRONCOS, 31-21.

TRENT NEAVIN, Pitt Defensive Lineman – Seattle has a solid defense and offense that can run the ball well with Marshawn Lynch. SEAHAWKS, 24-21.

DORSEY MOORE, Florida State Tight End – As much as I love Peyton Manning, I think Seattle’s defense and running game are too strong. SEAHAWKS, 27-20.

JERRID MARHEFKA, Ohio Wide Receiver – Peyton will throw for 250 yards and three touchdowns. Richard Sherman will get torn apart. BRONCOS, 31-24.

SHAUNNA HERSHBERGER, Times Leader – I think Seattle’s inexperience will play a huge factor. Peyton Manning has had a record-breaking season, and I think he’ll cap it with his second Super Bowl. BRONCOS, 35-21.

STEVE DALEY, Steubenville Central – Seattle’s running game will keep them in the game, but I see Peyton Manning leading a late drive to win. BRONCOS, 28-24.

RENO SACCOCCIA, Steubenville – Seattle’s defense is good enough to hold the Broncos down, but its offense isn’t as productive as it was early in the season. BRONCOS, 20-17.

JOHN BOWERS, Morgantown – I think the Seahawks are a better team, especially that defense and running game, but I am going with Peyton Manning. BRONCOS, 28-24.

TONY FILBERTO, Weir – Weather will be a factor, so scoring drives may end with field goals, but in the end Peyton Manning is the difference. BRONCOS, 19-6.

RYAN RECKER, WTAE – It’s a QB’s world. Denver has the better quarterback, right now. BRONCOS, 27-21.

KEVIN GUNN, Cambridge – Denver must be able to run the ball against the number one defense in the NFL. BRONCOS, 27-21.

CHET POBOLISH, SE Louisiana – Turnovers key ‘Beast Mode’ and keep Peyton off the field. SEAHAWKS, 27-24.

JOSE DAVIS, Ohio OVAC All-Star Coach – Defense will be the key for the Broncos to win. Being able to control Lynch will be the winning ingredient. BRONCOS, 24-20.

MIKE EDDY, Parkersburg South – The veteran QB and coach will outlast the flashy young guys. BRONCOS, 35-28.

MIKE ANTHONY, WTRF – Manning completes the best season in NFL history. BRONCOS, 28-24.

TODD FITCH, Boston College – Tough call. Seattle’s defense gets pressure on the quarterback. SEAHAWKS, 24-21

RICH WRIGHT, Wellsville – I wish Derek Wolfe was healthy enough to play, but I am excited that he’s part of a team in the Super Bowl. BRONCOS, 27-17.

RYAN WALTON, Tyler Consolidated – I have to go with Bruce Irvin, representing WVU. SEAHAWKS, 28-24.

JESSE WELLS, Meadowbrook – Seattle has had a great run at home, but Peyton Manning shuts up all the critics. BRONCOS, 20-13.

JOSH LUDWIG, East Liverpool – Denver can score, but it won’t be able to handle Seattle’s youth and quickness on defense. SEAHAWKS, 21-14.

ERIC HUCK, Fort Frye – Denver’s offense will be successful enough against a very good Seattle defense. BRONCOS, 28-24.

SETH STASKEY, Times Leader – Peyton Manning knows his window of opportunity is closing, so he doesn’t let this opportunity go to waste. BRONCOS, 28-17.