Shadyside Relays planning under way for 43rd running

SHADYSIDE — Preparations are in full speed for the 2014 Shadyside Relays. Committee members met recently to make the necessary preparations for the Shadyside Relays, to be held on Saturday, April 19 at Fleming Field in Shadyside. This year’s event will be the 43rd annual event, the first one occurring in 1971.

As usual, there are a few changes for the 2014 this years track and field meet, dubbed as “Ohio’s Finest.”

The first change is that the Shadyside Relays is transitioning to a newly formed partnership. The evolution of the relays started with sponsorship by the school in 1971, then the sponsorship and operation changed to The Shadyside Booster’s Club, to an adjunct Shadyside Relays Committee, back to the Booster’s Club and recently back to the school in 2012.

This year’s event will be co-sponsored by the school and a newly formed community based Shadyside Relays Committee. Superintendent/Principal John Haswell explained, “Because of the complex nature of operating the Relays and the related activities, it was our collective belief that we would be more proficient with a partnership concept.”

The second change involves a change in leadership as Jayson Johnson takes over as Chairperson from Jerry Narcisi. Johnson will also become the President of the community based Shadyside Relays Committee.

“It is an honor to be involved with such a great group of people that have worked for years to put on such a fantastic event,” Johnson said. “Having participated in the Relays as a student-athlete and now being involved in the planning and management of the meet over the last few years, it has been a real blessing to have the opportunity to learn about commitment and dedication as displayed year after year by a core group that has been involved basically since the inception of the Relays,” he concluded.

The Shadyside Relays Committee has been meeting since December. Plans have been developed over the past several months and will be finalized soon with the objective to continue the tradition of being “Ohio’s Finest.” “The only thing we can’t control is the weather, but, we always put forth a quality track and field meet because of the great help we get from many people and businesses in our community,” Johnson said.

The 2014 Shadyside Relays Committee is composed of: Chairperson and President Jayson Johnson, Assistant Chairman Jerry Narcisi, Meet Co-directors Jenna Coyne and Butch Joseph, Meet Manager Donna Joseph and Co-Treasurers John Triveri and Cole Elliot. The subcommittee chairpersons are as follows: Fundraising – Bob Caldwell, Trophies and Awards – Mike Kernik, Teams and Meet management – Butch and Donna Joseph, Publicity – Jerry Narcisi, Officials – Homer Ullom, Officials’ Hats and Clothing – Brianne Johnson and Coyne, Field and Equipment – Laken Gibson, Facilities – Eric Krupa, Gates and Admission – John Haswell, Security – Robert Thomas, Opening Ceremony – Melanie Haswell, Luncheon – Dom Defelice and Kate Krupa, Program – Butch Joseph, Social Reception – Melanie Haswell, Brianne Johnson and Coyne, Hospitality – Andrew Lewis. Others involved with the committee planning are John Howell, Heidi McConn, Lacy Kernik, Larry Falbo, Jim Bittengle, Rich Rosser and Gary Cunningham.

As customary, a social and reception will be held the night before the relays on the 18th of April at the Shadyside American Legion. This activity is held at no cost to the committee, officials and coaches and their respective guests. The general public is also invited at $10 per person and $15 per couple.