Campers relish chance to learn

WHEELING – Joey Galloway wasn’t surprised with what he was hearing on day two of his inaugural Next Level Football Camp at Wheeling Jesuit University.

As the some 30 campers filtered into the newly renovated football field on the Cardinals’ campus, many were sore and not moving quite as quickly as they were when they arrived on Monday.

That didn’t slow Tuesday’s workout down.

“The guys have gotten after it and their bodies are hurting, which I knew they would be,” Galloway said. “I asked the guys how they were feeling and they said their (lower bodies) were sore, and I said, ‘perfect.’ That’s exactly what I wanted because that lets the kids know that everything we did is working that area.”

While Monday worked mostly on sprinting, the Tuesday workout consisted of more cutting, jumping and agility work that applies directly to football moves.

“(Tuesday) was a really good day,” Galloway said. “This is high level stuff. Everything you do in sports comes from the hip area and lower body because that’s where you explode from. They’re going to be sore again (on Wednesday), but that’s how you know you went to work.”

The players are off today and the camp resumes Thursday morning at 9 with a combination of both of the first two days.

“You need the day off, especially if you work hard enough,” Galloway said. “The rest day becomes just as important as the work day, so we can get the kind of work we want to get done on Thursday.”

Monroe Central senior-to-be Levi Brown admitted the camp has been “rough” but realizes the results will pay off.

“For the most part, I expected it to be tough,” Brown said. “It’s a college workout, basically, and you just have to keep working hard. These coaches know what they’re doing and have been through it. Any work I can do to get better, I am happy to do it.”

Though it’s only been two days, Brown already feels like hes’ made improvements.

“I feel like my footwork is getting better from doing these drills,” Brown said. “I’d done some of these drills before, but I am going to try to continue to do all of these when this camp ends.”

When designing the workout and drills, Galloway hoped to make clear to the group that these can be done at their respective schools on their own time, too.

“I hope they have taken away some drills and things that they can use on their own to get better,” Galloway said.

Brown was approached by Seminoles’ head coach Jay Circosta about the camp and was interested immediately.

“It means a lot to me that Coach Circosta has faith in me to recommend me for a camp like this,” Brown said. “I’ve just came and tried to work as hard as I can and get as much out of this as possible.”

Martins Ferry head basketball coach Jeff Sabatino was the keynote speaker for the day.

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