Depew adds A.D. to list of duties at Linsly

WHEELING – B.J. Depew has been around Linsly basically his entire life.

The Cadets’ head football coach graduated from the school, returned to teach there after earning his degree at Ohio State University and joined the coaching staff at that point, too.

During that span, Linsly has had only one athletic director … Dan Buchwach. Taking it a step further, the school has had just two – Buchwach and the late Eudie Joseph – during Depew’s lifetime.

That’s changed, however.

Depew recently took over as the Linsly School Athletic Director after Buchwach retired following last school year.

“I know there will be some challenges, but I am looking forward to being a bigger part of things (at Linsly), too,” Depew said. “Our goals are to maintain the presence in the community that Linsly athletics has had and continue to be a school that emphasizes sportsmanship and character.”

Despite his new position, Depew intends to remain as the school’s head football coach for the forseeable future.

“I want to continue to coach as long as I have the passion for it and the school feels I am the right person for the job,” Depew said. “I would have passed on being athletic director if I was told I couldn’t be the football coach.”

The Cadets, who begin football practice on Monday, will leave their Leatherwood campus for a week for camp at the Linsly Outdoor Center. However, Depew will have to leave the team for a night because of a mandatory OVAC Athletic Director’s meeting at WesBanco Arena.

“Sacrifices will have to be made,” Depew said. “The fall obviously will be the busiest time, but I’ll have an idea of what it takes to do the job and focus solely on doing that in the winter and spring.”

The transition process for Depew began in June. He and Buchwach met often to go over things and ease the process.

“I’ve been getting little lessons along the way,” Depew said. “It’s so much about knowing who to contact, and when. Plus, knowing how to react to things is also important.”

Buchwach is remaining on the Linsly staff, so Depew will have him to lean on with questions or issues that may pop up along the way.

“That’s great news for me,” Depew said of Buchwach remaining with the school. “He’ll be a safety net for me, especially in the fall.”

Along with Buchwach’s retirement, Linsly also lost its assistant athletic director in Mark Zavatsky. He resigned and has since moved to Florida.

“We’re close to naming an assistant athletic director, but it’s not done yet,” Depew said. “We have to replace Mark Zavatsky and that won’t be easy because the work that he did wasn’t well known by many, but he was so critical for our athletics program. He will definitely be missed at Linsly.”

Depew, who graduated from Linsly in 1994 and OSU in 1999, won’t be a full-time athletic director, but his classload has been reduced.

“In terms of what I am teaching and how many sections I am teaching, it’s been reduced somewhat,” Depew said.

One change for Depew will come in the spring. He’s coached a spring sport each year since returning to Linsly. He will no longer do that with his new responsibility.

The state of the Linsly athletic program is in solid shape. All of the Cadets’ teams are competing at a high level in the OVAC and the school has recently added new programs such as hockey and lacrosse in recent years.

“I think we’re in a great place,” Depew said. “We have more programs than we’ve ever had and our kids want to do more. We want kids coming to the administration wanting to add more programs and things, but we need to be careful with that. We’re not a huge school that can be all things to all people.”

The Cadets’ programs will have three new coaches this school year. Mike Church has taken over for Zavatsky as golf coach; Maggie Allison has replaced Erica Hall as girls’ basketball coach and Chelsea Miazgowicz has replaced Hall as the girls’ soccer coach.

“I think all of our new coaches will do a great job and the coaches, who they’re replacing, left their teams in excellent shape,” Depew said.

Depew and his wife Tracey have two children, Isaac (7) and Noelle (2).