Terror preparing to get back in the cage

Travis “The Terror” Clark is getting back in the cage after taking some much-needed time off.

No, the time off wasn’t due to the unfortunate outcome of his last fight in which he lost his NAAFS World Championship Belt in Morgantown.

It was due to the recent death of his beloved mother, Penny Earliwine.

In a recent sit-down session with “The Terror,” he said the last few weeks have been the hardest of his still-young life at 33 years of age.

“There’s days that I don’t want to get off the couch,” he admitted. “There’s days when I don’t want to see anyone, talk to anyone or anything.

Every day is challenging for me,” he continued. “I was actually going to quit fighting, but my mom didn’t want me to do that. Even until the day she died, she kept saying ‘You’re fighting tonight aren’t you?’ I can’t wait to see you fight again.

“With her being my biggest fan, and my best friend, it almost made it not worthwhile for me because we were so tight.”

However, the former Union Local High School wrestler who won a state championship, knows deep down that his mother wouldn’t want him sitting around sulking over her death. She would want him in the cage doing what he loves best – fighting.

After understanding that, “The Terror” will be granting his mother’s wishes when he faces 24-year-old Indianapolis native Nick Kraus (6-2) inside the Columbus Convention Center during Caged Fury 20.

“He’s a tough kid. I’ve seen six or seven of his fights so far. He is probably the toughest opponent I’ve faced, including Hector Urbina,” Clark noted.

Speaking of Urbina, who caught Clark with a lightning-quick guillotine, “The Terror” said he didn’t lose that fight. “That kid (Urbina) hit the lottery that night.

“There was so much going on that night that I knew the fight wasn’t going to go the way I wanted it to,” Clark confessed. “Right before the start, I looked over at my mother, who I had begged not to go because of a recent surgery, and she was crying. I almost started crying right there in the ring, and the rest is history.”

“The Terror” is splitting his training time between Evolve in Medina, Ohio, and the Bullpen Fight Club, of Wheeling.

Travis, you and I know that your mother will be looking down upon you from her ringside seat with the angels. She’ll have the best seat in the house whenever you step inside the cage.

No Opponent for Bevan

Bridgeport’s Todd Bevan was set to make his second consecutive appearance inside Wheeling’s WesBanco Arena next month, but his opponent – Nathan Clark – opted to pull out of the fight even though he had signed a contract.

It seems that Clark, no relation to “The Terror,” found out what Bevan was all about and decided not to fight.

This is not the first time that a scheduled opponent of “Jiu Jiu’s” has had a change of heart.

Stay tuned for more on Bevan, who also fights out of the Bullpen Fight Club, and his future.

Josh Baker

Another Bridgeport fighter, “The Cake” will put his 9-1 record on the line Saturday at the Morgantown Event Center when he meets an undetermined opponent.

The fight was supposed to have taken place last weekend, but was bumped back a week.

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