Belmont Co. clerk of courts project complete

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — David Trouten, Belmont County clerk of courts, said his office has finished an ongoing project to bring the Criminal Records of the Belmont County Clerk of Courts up to date.

The project was completed by intern Kyle Timko working under the direction of Deputy Clerk Lisa Swallie.

“When I took office at the beginning of the year, I discovered a backlog of reports that needed updated,” Trouten said. “It was nobody’s fault, but somewhere back around 2010 reports stopped being sent to BECI. I decided to make it a priority fixing the problem.”

Because there is so much constant work at the Clerk of Courts Office, there wasn’t enough staff to bring seven years of documents up to date. Trouten hit on a solution by dedicating two interns to the project. Kyle Timko and Katie Crum worked on it in the summer and moved the project on quite a bit.

After Timko returned to her studies at Ohio State, Crum continued to see the project through to completion. Swallie oversaw the project and assisted when she could take time away from her busy schedule handling the Felony Docket in the office.

“I am proud of our hardworking staff to have completed this task,” Trouten said. “It is important that these records be brought up to date. They include fingerprints and criminal backgrounds that are crucial to BECI Criminal Investigation and record keeping.”