Heavy truck traffic causing lawn havoc

Photo by Shelley Hanson Houses sit on the “S” turn on East 23rd Street in Bellaire where truck traffic has damaged curbs and caused large potholes.

Bellaire Village leaders plan to follow up on issues regarding a road — and some private property — they say is being damaged by truck traffic from a nearby company.

During a recent Bellaire Village Council meeting, Councilman Donny Maupin said the East 23rd Street area of the village, which he described as the “lost neighborhood,” is being torn up by the traffic.

“It’s a mess again with craters and mud,” he noted.

He asked Police Chief Dick Flanagan to follow up on the situation. Flanagan told council he went to the neighborhood and talked with the vice president of a company named Pine Belt, which is using nearby property. The vice president is willing to do whatever is needed to remedy the situation, Flanagan said.

“He said if someone from here would reach out and talk with them and tell them what they want, they would work with us,” Flanagan said.

Flanagan on Tuesday said in addition to Pine Belt, there are at least six different companies using that same roadway at any given time. There also is a warehouse in the area that sees frequent truck traffic, he said.

Councilman Mike Doyle told council that he would reach out to the company and see what could be done.

“There has been so much heavy truck traffic down there the curbs on both sides of the street — they were sandstone, that’s how they did it back then — are actually mashed down into the ground and the trucks are driving into people’s yards,” Flanagan added. “One guy probably lost about 25 yards of his yard.

“You can’t even see the sidewalk anymore.”


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