Bridgeport Police Department aids snowed-in residents with prescriptions

Photo Provided - Officer Benton Boston of the Bridgeport Police Department answers the phone Monday afternoon. The police department has offered to assist village residents in need of having their prescription medications picked up from the pharmacist and delivered to their homes.

BRIDGEPORT — The Bridgeport Police Department has offered its assistance to residents in need of retrieving prescriptions medications following the snowstorm Monday.

The roads remained covered on and off throughout the early day from snow drifts following the snowfall Sunday evening into Monday morning.

“Crews are out, but the blowing snow is making it difficult. If you do need to go out, please use extreme caution,” the department stated in a release Monday afternoon.

To assist those who were unable to leave their homes, officers volunteered to pick up any village resdient’s prescription medication refills and deliver it to their home. The department posted the message on social media to help get the word out regarding the service.

Assistant Chief Darby Copeland said the service is something they try to do in situations where travel can be difficult. He said their goal is to help residents in the community they serve.

“We have the Bridgeport Manor and a lot of elderly people,” he said. “Knowing that we do have a lot of elderly and coupled with the bad roads, we don’t want anyone falling to get their medication.”

The only stipulations were that the person had to reside within the village limits and pre-pay for the prescription before officers picked it up.

This is not the first, or last, time the village police force has chosen to offer aid to residents in the community. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, officers brought groceries and retrieved medications for residents in need.

Copeland said they will continue to offer the service anytime there is inclement weather.

“At the end of the day, the biggest part about being a small town police department is serving the community and that could be in whatever way necessary. Our community surely supports us, and we want to help them in any way we can,” he said.

Copeland said the department is here for residents around the clock.

“We’re always a phone call away,” he added.

Residents in the village in need of assistance can contact the police department at 740-635-9999.


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