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A Memorial Day message

May 29, 2016 Dear Editor, What is a veteran? A veteran, whether active duty, discharged or Reserve, is someone who at one point in his or her life wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States Of... more »»

FDR’s second Bill of Rights

May 29, 2016 Dear Editor: The Second Bill of Rights is a list of rights that was proposed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his State of the Union Address on January 11, 1944. more »»

Mattox does great work as curator

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, I have read the recent articles on John Mattox. I met John recently at the Taste of the Valley in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Mr. more »»

News shows no sign of economic recovery

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, If one looks at the news, I think it becomes apparent that there is no economic recovery. I read (recently) that the Chinese just bought the Chicago stock exchang. more »»

GOP doesn’t care about coal workers

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, I regularly hear from the local news, and unfortunately from many wrongly informed, of how we should vote for Republicans and vote for coal. more »»

Workers’ comp on right path in Ohio

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, As a member of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Board of Directors since 2011, I have had the chance to witness a substantial change in Ohio’s workers’ comp system. more »»

Hillary Clinton is a qualified candidate

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, One of your contributors tells us it doesn’t really matter to him who the GOP nominates; he just wants to see the most qualified, experienced, intelligent candidate (Hillary Clinton)... more »»

Campaigns should not be year round

May 22, 2016 Dear Editor, The time has come to analyze the political status of our country. more »»

Committee thanks helpers of ceremony

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, On behalf of the Martins Ferry Hall-Of-Honor committee and myself, I would like to express sincere gratitude to all who contributed to, participated in and/or attended the 2016 Martins... more »»

The immigrant mother is a heroine

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, For all eternity America is indebted to the immigrant mother, whether she was Slovak, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, German, Russian, English, Greek, Syrian, Bulgarian, Czech, Irish,... more »»

If you don’t like laws, vote for change

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, From the very beginning of time we have received instructions that are based on the “Laws of the Land.” As a functional society we must have laws to live by. more »»

House bill would help EMTs, patients

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor: The triage, treatment and transport emergency medical service practitioners provide can often be the difference between life and death for patients with a medical emergency. more »»

U.S. needs a leader, not Obama clone

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, Thanks to all the people that elected Obama for president eight years ago. Thanks to Obama and the Obama administration that America no longer has the pride, faith or trust in America. more »»

Union workers pay for job destruction

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, Barack Obama has been shutting down the coal-fired power plants, and Hillary Clinton has recently stated that she will “put every coal miner out of a job. more »»

State funds given to local governments

May 15, 2016 Dear Editor: I recently read articles in The Times Leader from Belmont County’s new Republican party chair. more »»

Political party needs to rethink Gagin ties

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor, In my opinion: Belmont County Republicans should be wary. more »»

GOP has bad track record in Ohio

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor, This is in response to the Christopher Gagin column responding to the Favede press conference. Mr. more »»

Mother’s Day is a day to give love and time

May 8, 2016 This Mother’s Day will be the 39th Mother’s Day without my mother being physically alive. I only had 17 Mother’s Days with her, and yet I can’t stop thinking about her from time to time. more »»

Bank, Everson show teachers support

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge and to thank Katie Everson and the Citizen’s Bank for the tremendous display of appreciation they showed the St. more »»

Public invited to ceremony

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor, On Armistice Day 1944, 13 beautiful evergreens were planted and dedicated around the flagpole at the north end of the Shamrock football field (Barnesville) in memory of the local men wh... more »»

Rotary Club thankful for event’s support

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor, On behalf of the St Clairsville Noon Rotary Club and our president, Nathan Moyer, it is with extreme pleasure that we wish to thank the sponsors, donors and patrons of our recently held... more »»


Belmont County Commissioners Meeting June 1, 2016

Meetings held every Wednesday in the court house at 10 a.m. more »

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