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March 15, 2015 Dear Editor, As Mayor of the Village of Bridgeport, I want local businesses to know that I speak to the people of the Ohio Department of Transportation almost on a daily basis and they keep me... more »»

No Nukes

March 15, 2015 Dear Editor, This last week, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, made a speech about keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He made his speech to our U.S. more »»

Hillary Should Go

March 15, 2015 Dear Editor, I had to laugh at your article on page A4, 2-21-15! It’s time for Hillary to hit the road ... more »»

Ferguson Episode

March 15, 2015 Dear Editor, I noticed that when the liberal media brings up the Ferguson incident on live TV, they frequently display a picture of the 18 year old who was killed as he appeared when he was a very... more »»

County Taxpayers

March 13, 2015 Dear?Editor, February 20, 2015, marked the end of Belmont County’s First Half property tax collection. more »»

Bye Bye Obama

March 13, 2015 Dear?Editor, It’s time for Obama to go. The cultural and social damage that he has fostered now goes beyond the pale. more »»

Declaration of War

March 12, 2015 Dear Editor: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech before Congress was a clarion call for a United States led war against Iran. There can be no other conclusion. more »»

Beallsville High

March 11, 2015 Dear?Editor, Here are some Beallsville High School facts instead of fiction. more »»


March 10, 2015 Dear Editor, Has Obama totally lost his mind and are the American people following in Obama’s footsteps? People did we forget the terrorist attack in Bengagi and the terrorist attack on the Pentago... more »»


March 10, 2015 Dear Editor, Former New York City Mayor and failed Presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani’s recent comments indicating that “I do not believe that the President (Obama) loves America. more »»

Mother Nature

March 9, 2015 Dear Mother Nature, Oh, what a pretty sight it was when you gave us the first glimpse of snow last Fall The flurries, cool breeze and a hint of Winter. more »»

Beallsville High

March 7, 2015 Dear Editor, I read in the newspaper the reason for closing the Beallsville School was for academic reason, not financial reasons. more »»


March 6, 2015 Dear Editor, “Listen, and learn from the animals and they will teach yo. more »»

Traffic Signal

March 4, 2015 Dear Editor, Last Tuesday, as reported by your paper, St. Clairsville's City Council recently held their business meeting. more »»

Homeland Security

March 3, 2015 Dear?Editor, Congress has just passed a one week extension for the funding of Homeland Security, but they should be urged to continue their fight to stop this presidents illegal push for amnesty... more »»


March 2, 2015 Dear Editor, Routine, a customary and often mechanically performed procedures or activities. more »»

Surfing Foxes

March 2, 2015 Dear?Editor, Recent opinions of Fox News differs so much from most open minded people I know. I veiw NBC, CBS & check CNN, MSNBC (et al.) regularly. more »»

‘Culture War’

February 28, 2015 Dear Editor, God ordained marriage solely between a man and woman. You read that right. But, the biblical view had to go. more »»

Smoking Ban

February 26, 2015 Dear?Editor; Beginning July 8, 2014 the Hancock Board of Health, of West Virginia, held a public meetings to get public input for a ban on second hand smoke that include all public work places... more »»

God’s Creation

February 22, 2015 Dear Editor, In 1945 or 1946, after the United States dropped those atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States was already working on a hydrogen bomb, an extremely destructive atomic... more »»



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