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Fairyland Ice Cream

Barnesville shop has more than just ice cream

September 20, 2012

Why does September always seem to come so quickly?

Sure, we love autumn ... crisp air, colored leaves, hoodies, football ... there are many things that make it great. But right now, the Buds are bummed. We love summer and are trying our hardest to make it last just a teeeeeny bit longer.

Can you blame us?

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With the idea of stringing summer along for a couple weeks, the Buds followed up their recent visit to Moundsville's neatest ice cream joint with a trip to Barnesville's coolest ice cream joint - Fairyland Ice Cream.

Located on the Somerton Highway in Barnesville, Fairyland not only offers their own home made ice cream in a wide variety of flavors, but also has an extensive food menu and even a drive through window for those who are on the go.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, the Buds hit the road headed West where they hoped to catch one last taste of summer.

The Buds could tell they were going to like the place as soon as they saw the brightly colored building. Painted in green and purple with fairies adorning the sides and multi-colored chairs, the shop certainly exudes the spirit of fun. A bed frame on the property proves to be the perfect spot for a delightful fairy garden of wild flowers. So cute!

Once they were finished taking it all in, the Buds got down to business and set about ordering some eats. The menu features a huge variety of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, baskets, wraps, deep fried side items/ appetizers and pizzas. If you think that sounds good wait until you get a load of the dessert menu! Of course there is the home made ice cream available by the cone, pint or court. It can also be enjoyed in the form of milkshakes, malts, floats, sundaes, splits and fairy dusters - which are their own take on the flurry.

Bud Em decided to give the turkey wrap a try. A tasty sundried tomato flavored tortilla was filled with deli turkey, lettuce, tomato and Em's choice of tangy honey mustard. For $3.75 the wrap was tasty and filling. Of course, Bud Em opted to ad a side of fresh cut fries for $1.75. De-lic-ious! Not a bad way to set the stage for dessert!

The dessert was a large scoop of pumpkin, a seasonal favorite, and a scoop of peanut butter cup on a pretzel cone.

Bud Em discovered that pretzel cones rock! Mixed with the spicy pumpkin and the sweet chocolate ice cream, it provided the perfect amount of saltiness. The double dip rang in at $4.25 and was just a tad smaller than expected, but delicious all the same. The home made ice cream was divine!

Bud Shaunna opted for the chicken basket with curly cut fries and coleslaw which rang in at $5.85. The chicken strips were large and breaded with a crispy, non-greasy coating that would rival any sit down restaurant. The fries were also hand cut and seasoned, not the frozen kind you get at many fast food places. For just under 6 bucks, this was enough food to be filling but yet save room for the all important dessert!

And dessert was a chocolate chip cookie dough sundae. Bud Shaunna got the small, so as not to look like a pig, and it was delicious! Topped with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry, this was a great topper to an enjoyable meal.

The Buds highly recommend a trip in the near future - perhaps during the Pumpkin Festival - to visit Fairyland and savor summer's favorite dessert.

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