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Taste Buds: China One

In Barnesville, Buds brake for taste of Orient

September 27, 2012

TRY AS they might, the Taste Buds can't seem to lose the taste for a little something Asian.

In Barnesville on other official business, the hungry Buds settled on lunch at China One on the corner of Chestnut and South Streets. The Buds can remember a time when getting some Chinese food in the Ohio Valley was about as easy as building a Great Wall which could be seen from space. But, the last decade or so has seen an abundance of Chinese eateries sprouting up across the land - although they can't be seen from space - the Buds are fairly certain of that.

Having just missed the lunch buffet by a few minutes (11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily), the Buds set about studying the menu.

China One offers many of the dishes that Chinese food lovers are familiar with - General Tso's Chicken, Orange Flavored Chicken and Beef, Pepper Steak, Happy Family, Seafood Delight, Moo Shoo selections, Sweet and Sour choices and Lo Mein, Chow Mein, Chop Suey dishes.

The Buds noticed there were several interesting-sounding dishes listed on the menu that may not be standard on most Chinese restaurant menus. They included a selection of Hunan dishes (pork, beef, shrimp or chicken) with black bean sauce. Perhaps we are mistaken but neither Bud could recall seeing black bean sauce before. We really wanted to try it but were intimidated by the hot and spicy symbol. Also among their "special selections" are Hawaiian Five 'O', Dragon and Phoenix and lemon chicken .... interesting.

The dishes can be ordered a la carte and served with white rice. Other options include choosing from the combination platters which come with fried rice and an egg roll or from the lunch specials served with fried or white rice. For those watching the calories, an assortment of steamed dishes with the sauce on the side is available.

Bud Em opted for the Triple Delight, which featured chicken, beef and shrimp with water chestnuts, snowpeas, broccoli, baby corn and bok-choy which rung in at just under ten dollars. The dish was tasty as there were plenty of veggies in there, but a teeny bit more meat and a tad less sauce would have been okay with Bud Em. Served with plenty of steamed rice, the dish ended up being enough for two meals.

Bud Shaunna chose the chicken with broccoli combination platter. The broccoli was plentiful and nicely steamed, and there was plenty of rice, but there could have been a little more chicken. This is a good choice for someone who does not like spicy dishes, as the brown sauce was quite mild. The combo came with a fried, crispy egg roll that had a good taste and was not greasy. At just under 7 bucks, there was plenty of food here for a very filling lunch.

If you happen to be in Barnesville and want to get a generous serving of food for not a lot of money, why not give China One a try? With such a large menu, there's sure to be something you'll like.

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