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Cumberland Trail Fire District

October 8, 2012
Times Leader

ST. CLAIRSVILLE - Cumblerand Trail Fire District is a joint fire district established under the Ohio Revised Code 505.37. This formation occured in November 1989 by popular vote of the residents of Richland Township and the City of St. Clairsville.

The district hired its first eomployee, Chief Greg Reline, on Jan. 1, 1990.

Since its inception, the district has grown to having a total of 40 employees. This is divided up by two chief officers, 15 career firefighters and 23 part-time firefighters.

The chief and assistant chief work a 40-hour week and are considered salary employees. The district's 15 career firefighters are members of the International Association of Firefighters Local 3667. These particular individuals work a 56-hour work week under the guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The 15 career firefighters are sub divided into a three-platoon system, with five firefighters per platoon working a 24-hour on and 48-hour off rotation. The three platoon system is further divided into a two-station assignment with three career members assigned to the main station and two assigned to the substation.

Of the 15, six are considered supervisors in the position of lieutenant at each station, per shift.

The district utilizes the services of the 23 part-time firefighters by assigning these individuals to 8-hour shift increments. One part timer is assigned to the main station and one to the substation from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The assignment for the 4 p.m. to midnight time frame is handled by two individuals at the main station and one at the substation.

From midnght to 8 a.m., the district has only one part-time employee on duty, assigned at the main station.


Chief: Greg Reline

Assistant Chief: Ken Saffell

Lieutenant: Steve Cupryk

Lieutenant: John Hearn

Lieutenant: Greg Probst

Lieutenant: Mark Sommers

Lieutenant: Kevin West

Lieutenant: John Yemich

FF/Paramedic: Kurt Bolock

FF/Paramedic: Tim Hall

FF/Paramedic: Bryan Holmes

FF/Paramedic: Bryan Hull

FF/Paramedic: Allan Ketzell

FF/Paramedic: Curtis Kyer

FF/Paramedic: Bill Morgan

FF/Paramedic: Lance Rice

FF/Paramedic: Chad Zambori


FF/EMT: Robert Conaway

FF/EMT: Preston Eberhart

FF/EMT: K.C. Fogle

FF/Paramedic: Daniel Grady

FF/EMT: Patrick Hession

FF/Paramedic: Mike Knowlton

FF/EMT: Steve Kukura

FF/Paramedic: Mike Lenz

FF/Paramedic: Mike Lollini

FF/EMT: Mario Makris

FF/Paramedic: Bryan Minder

FF/EMT: Larry Myers

FF/EMT: Brian Olesky

FF/EMT: Mike Reese

FF/Paramedic: Scott Richards

FF/EMT: Louis Schluter

FF/EMT: Bryan Shunk

FF/EMT: Robert Slevin

FF/EMT: Jake Tacosik

FF/EMT: Ty Timko

FF/Paramedic: Teddy Vankirk



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