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Union Local

April 4, 2013
Times Leader


Track and Field

Favorite Food? Perogies.

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Favorite Class? Coach Smo's Chem 2 class or Mr. Mehl's World Studies class

Twitter or Facebook, and why? Twitter because its not all ads and spam.

Worst habit? Biting my finger nails.

Favorite Quote(s)? Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character." -T. Alan Armstrong

WHAT IS YOUR RING TONE? Will Farrel yelling "Blue you're my boy!" is my text tone, other than that it is on vibrate.

how many texts do you send/receive per month? 15,000.

What is your favorite hobby in your spare time? Riding around in my jeep with the top and doors off, when it is warm though.

favorite memory in your sport, and why?My junior year, finishing 5th in regional finals in the 110m high hurdles, when I was ranked 8th. It showed me that any obstacle can be overcame.

What's something no one would believe about you? That I can be a very spiritual/religious person.

favorite athlete, and why? Samuel Thomas Nardo IV because he is an amazing athlete and has taught me everything that has made me the athlete I am today.

best advice you've ever received? Don't ever let anything stand in between you and your dreams in life.

Who do you admire most, and why? Anyone who has fought to defend our country in the armed forces. Being willing to give your life for the freedom of others is the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make.

What's your favorite part of your sport? When the official tells you to stand in your lane and the stadium starts to quiet down, I shake everyone's hand and wish them luck, then he tells you on your mark, and everyone does their stretch before getting into the block and the crowd quiets even more. Then the amount of nervousness you get when you are staring at the ground before he tells you to get set and the area is entirely quiet. then you get set and the gun goes off and all the nerves are gone instantly.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?Graduated from college after a successful college track career, former Olympian, and working a good job as an athletic trainer.

CREDENTIALS: Collin opened his 2013 season in impressive fashion, winning the high and intermediate hurdles at the Maysville Panther Invitational. He ran 15.84 in the highs and 42.20 in the intermediates. He also placed third in the pole vault.



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