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Taste Buds: Chapz Bar and Grill

Buds find much to love at Belmont bar

June 6, 2013

While it's been five years since the Buds first visited Chapz Bar and Grill, the memory of the meal still draws fond foodie memories.

So when news of an outdoor seating area reached their ears, the duo jumped at the chance to make a return visit to see what was new. Long story short: the Buds will definitely not be waiting another five years for more of their delicious fare!

Located at 42478 National Road in Belmont, Chapz Bar and Grill stunned Bud Shaunna (who had never been and was expecting a run-of-the-mill biker bar) with its clean and orderly interior. When menus were delivered it became even more apparent that this was far more than your average watering hole. Sure, Chapz menu has wings and burgers, but make no mistake: standard bar fare it ain't!

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Chapz Stacker Burger

As the Buds browsed the menu, it became increasingly more difficult to make a selection. In fact, they didn't get beyond the "Kick Start" section before deciding that an appetizer WOULD be ordered. Both Buds were intrigued with Dips & Chips, described as homemade potato chips smothered in creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with feta cheese and chives. Whoa Nelly! Not wanting to be overly gluttonous, they sprang for a half order which rang in at $4.99 as opposed to the $7.49 full order.


The odd-sounding mixture of components proved to be one of the tastiest concoctions the Buds have ever encountered. Wow! This highly addictive appetizer was off the hook! In fact, if you plan on sharing you may want to consider a whole order!

With taste buds properly warmed up from the chips, the Buds looked forward to the main course. Bud Em opted to try one of Chapz signature burgers. While enticed with such creations as the Fat Boy, the Pizza Burn Out and the Texas Twister, Bud Em decided to keep it simple and go with the Stacker Burger.

The 1/4 lb. patty, which said Bud got topped with cheese, lettuce, onion and mayo, came with a side of their hand cut fries and rang in at $5.99. Additional patties may be added for an additional dollar each - thus making it the "Stacker." The juicy and delicious burger was amazing and the fresh fries were dusted with a yummy blend of seasoning. The meal proved to be the perfect lunch.

Bud Shaunna, in a rare move, ordered a meatless sandwich - the Pepper Melt. Don't be fooled, though. Next to meat, bell peppers are Bud Shaunna's second foodie love. Roasted red bell peppers, thick provolone cheese and tons of fresh basil (yum!!) were stacked between two thick slices of toasty, buttery bread. On the side were more of the homemade chips, but these, sadly, did not have the accoutrements of the appetizer - but they weren't any less tasty! For only $6.99, this lunch was definitely a keeper!

On the way out, the Buds stole a peek at the very spacious outdoor deck (which was not open for lunch), and the layout was just as open and neat as the inside. The Buds have a feeling that this place is hopping in the evenings!

If you're interested in some unique food flavors in a casual atmosphere, give Chapz a shot. You might spend a bit more, but trust us when we say it's worth every penny!

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