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October 17, 2013
Times Leader

Dear Village Residents,

Four years ago, we came to you asking that you place your trust in us to restore integrity and honor to the Bridgeport Village Council. As the election draws near, we would like to ask you for that same trust, with your vote on November 5th.

We have been tirelessly working on your behalf to make Bridgeport a better place and to see it prosper for the years to come. This is being accomplished by making sure all village business is conducted in the proper manner, and that all village officials are held accountable to the same standards.

As your councilmen we have ensured that your tax dollars are spent wisely, while taking the measures necessary to protect the revenues the village currently receives. Also, when feasible, we have made personnel changes that cost us less money today compared to when we took office in 2010.

Our opponents in this year's election have been carefully sought out and hand picked by the administration. They include: the mayor's granddaughter, Mikida Clegg, his secretary Ann Gallagher's husband, Vince Gallagher, former councilman Dave Coyne, known for saying, "Let the mayor handle it." And loyal mayor disciple H. James Brubach, who just moved back into Bridgeport in June of last year, and does the mayor's bidding at council meetings. Now we must ask who do these "hand-picked" candidates really want to serve?

In the recent controversy surrounding Mr. Smith and Mr. Lenz, two out of four of our opponents are directly involved (Mrs. Clegg & Mr. Brubach), and a third is indirectly involved (Mr. Vince Gallagher is married to the mayor's secretary, Ann Gallagher). Once again we must ask, what is the true motivation behind their attacks? The mayor wants these "hand-picked" candidates to sit on council, to cast him a blank check, with no accountability, no checks and balances, and to help him keep his "power".

Long ago, the three of us made a commitment to community service, as we have each served our community for nearly 30 years, sometimes in the citizen's most dire times, not only as firefighters and EMT's, we have also been involved in many charitable organizations and events throughout our teenage years and adult lives. Furthermore, Dave and Ben are also veterans of the United States Army, having served in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. We truly understand what it means to be a community servant.

During the course of this campaign, you may hear our opponents make many comments in regards to the three of us. We only ask, before you take any of these comments for fact, that you consider the following: (1) Who "hand-picked" these candidates? (2) Who was behind the recently filed lawsuit? (3) Who is really interested in serving the people? (4) Call any of the three of us, we have no reason to hide from the truth, what other candidates can say that? (5) Who is truly "For the People, Not the Power"?

In closing, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the three of us. Marvin Husarik can be reached at 635-3235; Dave Smith can be reached at 738-0199; and Ben Lenz can be reached at 635-6913.

Thank you for your time and support. Please vote for Marvin Husarik, Dave Smith and Ben Lenz on November 5th for Bridgeport Village Council.

David W. Smith




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