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Taste Buds: Miller's Donut Shoppe

Amish bakers cooking up greatness at Barnesville bakery

January 30, 2014

Just one month into this new year and some things are already getting very, very old.

Things like frigid weather, shoveling snow, furnace problems, school cancellations, static electricity ... ugh, SERENITY NOW!!

There ARE however (according to the Buds) a few things that never get old.

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Pictured are all the delicious baked goods the Buds scored at Miller’s Donut Shoppe in Barnesville, which include dinner rolls, donuts and fried pies.

Topping that list would be 'visiting new bakeries'- and as luck would have it, two alert readers recently tipped the Buds off to Miller's Donut Shoppe in Barnesville (Hat tip to our readers!).

Miller's, located on East Main St. in the former DeFelice Pizza building, has been open since early last fall and features coffee and donuts daily, as well as a variety of breads, cinnamon rolls, cookies and fried pies on certain days of the week. Owners Paul and Malinda Miller have four Amish bakers helping to make their tasty commodities. Of course, they had us at 'Amish bakers', as it's no secret how well those ladies can cook!

Upon opening the door to the small establishment, the Buds were greeted with what surely must be the scent of Heaven. Just one whiff of the sweet smell had the Buds practically drooling. Both Buds made a selection of a variety of pastries to go, as there is no seating available.

Bud Em scored a jelly filled donut dusted with powdered sugar, an iced cake donut, a pair of their famous fried pies in cherry and raspberry and a ring of freshly baked yeast dinner rolls. *Sigh*. What can we say except that everything was DELICIOUS! The dinner rolls, which the Buds sampled as soon as they got into the car, were divine. The dense bread was soft and still warm and had the most fantastic flavor ... severely threatening their chances of actually lasting until dinner! The donuts and fried pies were equally as yummy. The fried pies filled with cream cheese and fruit filling were a huge hit with Em's little Bud. The sweet filling and glazed crust proved to be the perfect remedy for a sugar craving.

Bud Shaunna took home a vanilla eclair, two fried pies - one blueberry, one blackberry, a glazed blueberry cake donut and a regular glazed donut, all for a little over four bucks. Her intention was to share some with the hubby, but, you know what they say about good intentions.... The blueberry cake donut did not survive the trip out of the parking lot. Cake donuts are already crazy good, but make it blueberry AND glaze it? IN-sane! The eclair and glazed donut were fresh and delicious, and the fried pies also made quite an impression on Bud S and Bud Hubby (those actually made it the whole way home).

Each goodie from Miller's was like a little taste of Heaven. The Buds only regret is that they didn't get more. Actually, the Buds second regret is that Miller's isn't across the street. Frown. However, if you're lucky enough to be in the area - or heck, just make a special trip! - stop by Miller's Donut Shoppe for some great Amish baked goods. But get there early, because the treats go fast!

The Buds can be reached at tastebuds@timesleader



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