Tricor Industrial expanding in Morristown to meet DIY needs

MORRISTOWN After more than 15 years of growing its industrial supply business from its store in Bellaire, Tricor relocated its store to a larger facility in Morristown. With a focus on mining, power generation and industrial customers, Tricor’s “whatever it takes” supply attitude has fueled strong growth.

Tricor will tailor inventories and stocks to fit nearly any industrial need. This has allowed their customers to reduce on-hand inventory and save cash since they rely on Tricor to keep just what is needed and to deliver it on time.

According to Manager Tom Lorenz, the company enjoyed more than15 years of success in their Bellaire store prior to moving the store to Morristown last fall.

“Moving is always difficult,” he said. “But we outgrew the Bellaire facility and needed more room to support our core customers in power generation, mining and industrial. Now we have about four times the space, along with a lot more items in stock for faster service. We have increased our staff too. Our employment has increased by about 40 percent – and we’re not done growing. “

Lorenz added, “Over the years we’ve enjoyed some walk-in trade from do-it-yourself customers. But since moving to Morristown this past fall we’ve been surprised with a growing number of DIY customers who seem to enjoy our higher quality products, large inventory, friendly and knowledgeable service and the stores’ easy access just off Interstate 70 at 66921 Belmont-Morristown Road.

“At first, we weren’t quite stocked properly for the initial DIY buyers, and I regret we were not able to supply some of the items they needed. So we’ve begun a second phase of inventory support specifically geared to those folks. I think some DIY customer’s appreciate our ‘whatever it takes’ service attitude and ready inventory, and they’re also looking for the higher quality tools and products that we carry.”

Tricor Industrial is headquartered in Wooster, Ohio and was established in the 1980s. Tricor provides Ohio and the surrounding areas with durable machining tools and supplies. They stock a full line of industrial products including: fasteners, hand and power tools, drills, taps and cutting tools, and specialize in safety supplies, fasteners, abrasives, cutting tools, precision instruments, industrial and janitorial supplies.

Tricor represent more than 500 manufacturers.

Tricor Industrial also operates a separate specialty fabrication division, Tricor Metals, in their Wooster, Ohio and Houston, Texas facilities, and has earned a world-wide reputation as a premier fabricator of specialty process equipment of ASME code quality including: custom plate and frame heat exchangers for power, chemical, and HVAC markets, custom shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pipe spools, and custom welded parts of premium metals such as titanium, nickel alloys, and stainless steels. They operate metal service centers and maintain one of the world’s largest stocks of premium performance metals including titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel-based alloys, and duplex stainless steels. Welding processes are a core competency for the company.

Tricor Industrial is a woman-owned small business with facilities in Morristown and Wooster, Ohio, and Conroe, Texas, with more than 25 years experience in industrial products supply, fabrication of ASME Code equipment and specialty corrosion-resistant metals for the petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical and energy served industries (

Tricor is family-owned an operated, and employees more than 300 Ohioans. A total of 40 jobs were added last year.

Members of MTI – Material Technical Institute, STAFTA, and ITA – International Titanium Association, Tricor still has it roots in farming. Mike Stitzlein, president, said his parents are pushing 80 years old and still have farming and cattle operations in Knox County. Locally, Tricor is a member of the Barnesville Chamber of Commerce and makes large donations to the local Rotary club.

For more information on the local store, call (740) 782-1276.