Combating blight


“Do as I say, not as I do” is never an effective way to lead. But it appears that is the message being sent in Steubenville concerning how renters will be asked to upkeep the properties they occupy. Steubenville City Council passed a zoning change earlier this month that includes language ...

Land bank’s work important


The Belmont County Land Reutilization Corp., usually referred to as the land bank, has done a tremendous amount of good in local communities in recent years. Now, the organization is helping an area nonprofit to achieve a goal that already has been a decade in the making. An effort is ...

Enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done


After nearly two years of battling COVID-19, fatigue has set in for many people. We are tired of wondering who around us might be infected. We are sick of wearing masks. We are fed up with health and government officials telling us what to do — or at least reminding us of what we should do ...

Sleeping Giant

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, As our nation continues to slip into a totalitarian society we must remember it was not socialism that made this country great but it was a Constitution that was based upon Judeo-Christian law and men living the values of the Bible. The men who wrote the Bible were spiritually ...

President Biden’s demagoguery

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Biden’s disgraceful rhetoric and emotionally overcharged plea to “save our democracy” (Atlanta, Jan. 11) is an infuriating insult since the very legislation he pushes will indeed destroy our democracy. It’ll be the nail in the coffin by ending any secure means of ...

County tourism in good hands

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, As Ms. Barbara Ballint has recently retired from her position as executive director of the Belmont County Tourism Council after serving in that capacity for approximately five years, following the retirement of her predecessor, Eugene “Doc” Householder under whom she had ...