A much-needed break


There has been an argument by some social justice advocates that if a crime is only punishable with a fine, then it is a crime only for those who are poor. While that may be a bit of a stretch, it seems the idea stuck with enough Ohio lawmakers that a year ago the state made permanent an ...

Watching and waiting for winter to end


This is the final weekend of January, and that means that pretty much anything goes when it comes to the weather we will experience over the next few weeks. As I sit writing this column, the wind is whipping outside my window. There are snowflakes in the air, and the temperature out there is ...

Partisan politics and two-tiered justice

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Are Americans really this goofy? Every day we lose approximately 300 people to death by fentanyl, and over 100,000 annually to drug overdoses. There are junkies living, defecating and attacking people in the streets! We have had 4 million illegals enter our country ...

Children of a smaller god

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Recently I have been watching a lot of street preachers on YouTube. I remember as a child in Bellaire my mom would have my brother and I attend every church service at the Salvation Army. One of those services was called, “open air.” We would march up to the corner ...

Residents thanked for generosity

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am writing to thank Martins Ferry​​-area residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season. Generosity throughout contributed to a successful shoebox gift collection season at drop-off locations for the Samaritan’s Purse ...

Leading by example, encouragement, vision


Last week I was interviewed on the America’s Talking podcast with a national following. The focus was on energy and manufacturing. Austin, the host, knew I coached high school soccer said, “This is my last question. Can you tell me the single most important leadership lesson you have ...