Using fireworks responsibly


A new law probably sounds like great news to many Ohioans who like to celebrate holidays such as July 4 with a bang. For others, though, it may literally be a nightmare. The new legislation, which takes effect next month, allows Buckeye State residents to discharge fireworks legally on ...

The love — and effort — of gardening


Well, I finally did it — working with my husband, Mike, I managed to get my garden fully planted. Mike did the hard part. He tilled the soil, fighting through layers of clay and sandstone to provide a bed of fresh soil. After he finished, I made rows and planted the sets, seeds and ...

Stand against evil

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, How far do the people of America have to be pushed before they realize that we have a real and dangerous morality problem in this country.? Who in their right mind drags their children to a gay bar to celebrate “drag your child to brunch” to teach them how to put dollar ...

Compensate disabled veterans

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Our disabled veterans are grossly under compensated. They’ve been asking various Congresses and Administrations for fair and adequate compensation since the end of WWI in November 1918, 103 years ago. In 2022 a totally disabled veteran with no dependents is compensated at the ...

Women Helping Women

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, On June 21st at the Crispin Golf Center, there didn’t seem to be a COVID pandemic, nor a war in Ukraine, a recession pending, or any sign of racism and unrest. There were 106 women, mostly over the age of 60 (some in their 80s and 90s), who’s only real interest was food, ...

Who is an expert? We need to know who to follow


A few weeks ago, Lynnda and I were doing yard work. There was a vine she wanted pulled up. Without any thought I started pulling up the vine. Most of it was out when Lynnda said, “I wonder if that’s poison ivy?” I had gloves on and washed my arms thoroughly, I thought. The next day ...