Stance hypocritical

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am a 62 year old cradle Catholic and recently when traveling on National Road in Wheeling, West Virginia, I noticed a lot of white crosses. I pulled into St. Michael’s Parish parking lot, and read that the white crosses represented the number of abortions in America. A banner ...

An agent of change


For one reason or another, the Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority was a mess just a couple of years ago. A sort of night-and-day transformation has occurred, and it provides an important lesson for those who oversee local government agencies. More than 660 units of public housing are ...

COVID-19 facts needed


Three people in Ohio have contracted COVID-19, state officials revealed Monday. Members of the public know where they live and how they came in contact with the coronavirus that causes the disease, in addition to other relevant facts. Will West Virginians be informed in a similar fashion, ...

Bargaining with the devil in Afghanistan


President Trump was rightly critical of the deal struck with Cuba during the Obama administration when he said the communist Cuban government got everything they wanted, and the U.S. got nothing in exchange. He has thankfully been reversing some of those unilateral concessions. Let’s apply ...

Identity politics doesn’t work here in America


Was being a woman Elizabeth Warren’s problem? That’s the wrong question. Was playing the protector of all damsels from that infamous rake, Mike Bloomberg, her problem? It was one of them, for certain. Look what’s happening in the world. Warren was a candidate of ideas with ...

Robert Durst: Is he America’s wealthiest serial killer?


The strange little man currently on trial for a 2000 murder in Los Angles admits he has killed before. He is now charged with putting a 9-millimeter bullet into the head of his longtime friend, Susan Berman. In 2001 in Texas, this man admitted he shot his aggressive next-door neighbor in ...