Dear Editor,

I have been accused by Democrats of lacking compassion for the illegals!

Let me ask them where is there compassion for legal American citizens?

Joe Biden and corrupt Democrats have allowed over 10 million illegals into our country without any vetting! Many of these are gang members, people released from jails and people they do not want in their own countries. We have had tens of thousands or more citizens robbed, beaten and even killed by these illegals.

The most recent was Laken Riley, a student at Augusta University College of Nursing. They have arrested Jose Antonio Ibarra who illegally entered our country in 2022.

He was previously arrested and released by the Biden Administration.

Democrats are saying there is no Presidential Immunity for President Trump. Well then, there is no immunity for Biden or his administration. The families of anyone accosted, injured or killed by illegals should be able to sue Biden and his administration for aiding and abetting criminals. They have been violating our laws on the books by allowing illegals to enter everywhere other than designated points of entry.

They are trying to blame Republicans for not passing this last so-called immigration bill, but allowing 5000 illegals to enter daily is not reform!

The sanctuary cities are now realizing that their stupid ideas are unsustainable, (exactly what border cities have been saying for years).

They are begging border cities to stop sending the illegals. They are asking liberals to accept these illegals into their homes, (which they will not do).

We now have over 10 million unvetted illegals in our country, thanks to Biden, from over 20 different countries. You do not leave China without approval of the communist government. These people are forced to show allegiance to the communist government, so ask yourself why they are allowing them to come here?

The blood of many Americans are on the hands of the Democrats, the entire administration and the hateful sheep that continue to elect them!

Again I’ll ask Democrats, where is your compassion for legal American citizens?

Thank you and God Bless America, protect us from corrupt Democrats!

Dwain E. Knight



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