Ohio 7 plan foolish

Dear Editor,

The proposal to reinforce the overpass of State Route 7 over Bridgeport, OH is ludicrous.

To block the “Gateway West” (National Road/U.S. 40) with mud and concrete is bizarre.

Think about this. The ‘Holy’ Native Americans, Mingo, Delaware, Iroquois (et.al) Nations, in their “Spirit,” I believe would believe they should have not been fooled and fought harder in the day.

Government needs notice of a new activism for righteousness. No mortal can “save the planet”. That gallant thought is as foolish as this proposal.

Every native here, who loves this land, needs to oppose the government proposal. I ask all to think about our history.

Has nothing been learned nor cherished from it? Mingo Chief “Cornhusker,” who sold Wheeling Island to our forefathers for 20 silvers and a barrel of whiskey, will shudder in his Spirit World if “We The People” here let this be done.

I see a “smoke signal”. Look, and think.

Sam Fregiato

St. Clairsville


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