Revitalizing southern NY with ARC


New York’s Southern Tier region is part of the rich, geographically diverse fabric that makes up New York State. It is home to highly sought-after educational institutions, a mix of innovative industries, more than 5,300 farms and nearly 5 million acres of forestland that contribute to ...

Adjusting to change


Anyone who has driven through our communities can tell you there are plenty of “Now Hiring” signs in front of businesses seeking qualified applicants for open positions. But even with that evidence of available jobs, a Policy Matters Ohio report confirms there are fewer jobs in Ohio now ...

Eat farm fresh and local


Local residents already know it is hard to beat a meal prepared using ingredients purchased locally, and now Ohio officials have joined forces with a group of other Midwestern states to remind everyone eating local provides more benefits than simply the makings of some really good food. Most ...

Speaker series continues


There are many words are residents have used to describe the Herald-Star Speaker Series Presented by Eastern Gateway Community College. Some say the presentations are thought-provoking. Others find them to be an enjoyable evening. Still others say they have been entertaining. And just about ...

Say hello to the new “oligarchy of speech’


As the price of something precious, the dissemination of speech, declines steeply, society is facing some disquieting consequences of the cheap speech that the Internet enables. Among the responses are conservatives demanding new government regulations of privately owned but liberal-leaning ...

The future is female ­— but is that entirely a good thing?


“Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels.” So declares the opening sentence of a Wall Street Journal piece that is creating a buzz. Consider: Women now account for 59.5% of college students in the United States. They ...