The doctor is here to straighten you out

BELLAIRE Dr. Jeff Hoepfner of Ohio Valley Chiropractic, L.L.C. is expanding services to add corrective measures as well as management for patients suffering poor posture condition such as rolled in shoulders or dowager’s hump.

Hoepfner has introduced the use of kinesiology taping in his clinic as part of the treatment. The tape is applied to the problem area on the patient’s back.

Hoepfner said he was trained in October and has seen positive results in patients including high-school students and coal miners suffering chronic neck pain and mid-back pain. Of the 15 patients he has treated, only one has complained of recurring pain.

“It’s nice to see,” he said. “Instead of managing the pain we can correct this.”

The treatment lasts six weeks and includes eight visits to his clinic. Hoepfner assigns short, daily exercises and sees the patient every five days for spine manipulation and to re-apply the tape. Hoepfner added that the tape is supportive, encourages blood flow to the problem areas. It allows freedom of movement and can be worn during all activities.

“So far it’s been a great, great surprise,” he said.

He noted that the treatment’s goal is neuromuscular education and retraining muscle memories until healthy posture becomes habitual.

Hoepfner said the treatment should be easily billable to the patient’s insurance if it covers neuromuscular education. He noted that the method has been in use in Europe and Asia.

In addition, Hoepfner has attended training in assessing and evaluating sports concussions and neck trauma in order to determine when it is safe for injured athletes to go back to the field. He is also keeping current on standards and concerns about the effects of repetitive brain trauma.

“There is life after high school,” he said.

Last year, Hoepfner was voted Best of the Valley. He said an open ear for patients’ concerns and issues is integral to his practice.

“I listen,” he said, adding that working with the patients allows him to fine-tune treatments from beginning to end.

In addition, having suffered a neck injury in high school wrestling and having experience lower back pain, he is intimately aware of his patients’ needs.

“I empathize with people with neck pain,” he said. “I understand what they feel.”

Hoepfner’s office is located at 3609 Belmont St., Bellaire. For more information, call (740) 671-BACK.

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