Rural King coming to St. Clairsville


Times Leader Staff Writer

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – For many of the rural areas here in Belmont County, there are very select farming and outdoor stores.

Later this year, the Rural King will open its door in the building previously occupied by stores such as Hills and Ames at the Ohio Valley Mall.

Since the departure of these companies, the structure has sat for several years until just recently.

A company made for the outdoorsmen will surely catch the eye of many Ohio Valley residents.

There will be a wide selection of tools, clothing, pet food, and groceries.

Currently, Rural King sits half completed as the staff works to prep the inside for a grand opening.

The shelves and layouts are arranged with some of the aisles already stocked with inventory.

Upon glance down several of the hardware aisles, you will find completely finished displays of saws, drills, and other tools all ready to go.

Store manager Larry Pickett, was very pleased with the progress of the new store citing many of the highlights of the selection on the floor and within the Rural King chain.

Pickett has opened other stores in northern Ohio and now sets his sights on a third opening, with possibly a chance for others in the area.

Keep an eye out for the opening that Pickett said will come before 2013 and be sure to stop in for a much-needed addition for the outdoorsmen of the valley.

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