Larkspur Land Group, LLC opens

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Larkspur Land Group, LLC has open its doors. Larkspur is an oil and gas brokerage that has been working in the area with Rice Energy.

Larkspur Land Group, LLC, located at 104 S. Sugar St. in St. Clairsville, was founded by Stephen Slaughter, Molly Slaughter and Ashley Wingard in 2012 when they saw a need for land agents and project management in the oil and gas industry.

The hours of operation for Larkspur Land Groups, LLC are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, agents frequently meet with clients outside the normal business hours to accommodate their schedules. Steubenville native Stephen Repella will serve as the project manager

Larkspur Land Group focuses on hiring and working with locals from the Ohio Valley. The founders have experience working with other oil and gas companies in the Appalachian region.

“We strive for a high level of professionalism and require all of our landmen to be members of AAPL (American Association of Professional Landmen),” said Stephen Slaughter. “In addition to leasing, Larkspur also manages all phases of the land services industry including due diligence title, right-of-way title, abstracting, curative, mineral leasing, and GIS Mapping.”

Larkspur Land Group, LLC with work with Rice Energy in acquiring leases in Belmont County. So far, Rice Energy has acquired over 45,000 in Belmont County and has paid out over $200 million in bonus payments this year alone. Rice has planned to start fully operating in the area by the end of the year.

“We are prepared to hire local to help the economy,” said Slaughter. “We are happy to be in the area.”

For more information on Larkspur Land Group, LLC, their website